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From Twitter 12-30-2009

  • 05:10:36: @jim_sterling Hey, my site made UFC 2009 Sports GOTY over NHL and MLB: The Show. We all have something to bitch about.
  • 05:12:32: @jim_sterling Neither did I! I let my fiancee play it for me! I spent my time playing NHL '09, a better option, surely.
  • 05:13:07: @OldHossRadbourn They can keep their grubby mitts off of our third baseman! #pleasekeephimseattle
  • 05:15:09: @WhalerWatch Danbury Whalers? What a crock of shit. They should have kept that name buried, that league will be awful.
  • 06:00:28: Gonna take a chance on King Arthur for the PC. Looks like my type of game at $20 (for the next six hours)
  • 06:35:21: Six months after replacing my stove, I STILL instinctively blow on the burner to get it to light. Old habits and all that.
  • 06:39:05: Something I noticed while brewing tea: none of my top 10 anticipated releases are 360 games. In fact, no 360 game even strikes a chord.
  • 07:09:30: Congratulations, Mets. You overpaid on an NL bully who can't play the field, in a park that eats his power and requires defence. Awesome.
  • 07:54:59: RT: @jim_sterling: Comedy Central axed Jeff Dunham? Good. That man has no business being on television.
  • 08:19:51: @jim_sterling This is a world where Dane Cook will be remembered more fondly than Bill Hicks. There is no justice.
  • 09:41:54: Holy shit, they found Cao Cao's tomb? Sweet!
  • 11:58:19: @mrsdanahale Sounds like my experience with local politics. "You have great ideas! Oh, you're not a Democrat or Republican? Errrr..."
  • 12:51:52: Wait wha? Scott Niedermeyer is the captain of Canada!? ... Interesting. Very interesting. Should have been Iginla, but... interesting.
  • 12:58:52: @burn_my_dread I have a rule: if you've considered retirement in both of the past two offseasons, you cannot captain Team Canada.
  • 12:59:31: @burn_my_dread I'm more curious about their defensive choices, personally. Why the focus on speed? It's NHL ice.
  • 13:57:50: @burn_my_dread I like Doughty; he's a stud. It's Duncan Keith that has me shaking my head.
  • 15:18:58: It's been awhile since I've listened to my Soundgarden albums.
  • 16:41:30: I can get FIFA Manager on Steam... for only 33% off, just slightly less than Footy Manager? You have to try harder than that, EA.
  • 17:16:24: The only bad part about Afrika: it puts that shitty Toto song from the 80s in my head. They couldn't have kept the Hakuna Matata name?
  • 18:50:31: @BJaMsWorld Not nearly as linear. Snap was photography on rails. Afrika basically simulates a photo safari, you have more freedom.
  • 19:13:22: Dear Bret Hart: You're a fucking hypocrite. No love, a formerly huge fan.
  • 20:54:45: @Coach_D_Antoni You fool! You're supposed to be trading him! Keep up the facade until February! THEN let loose!
  • 23:21:40: @Aitherion My response was basically "what, not critical? Awwwww". I'll break my alcohol fast when he dies; it deserves a drink.
  • 23:26:54: When a very large number of people treat news of your illness with glee and hope you die, it's time to evaluate your life. #fuckrush

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Dec. 31st, 2009 08:47 am (UTC)
Gah! Now you're using this spammy twittinesis.com! >:(

Though the good thing is that I see you're having nice conversations with Jim Sterling. (or you're just spamming him in hope that he notices you.)
Dec. 31st, 2009 08:47 am (UTC)
He's had a few goes with me. Usually only when I disagree with him.

Jim's a bit of a twat.
Jan. 1st, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
I was wondering if you'd gotten the news about Cao Cao, but, then, I kinda figured you'd be one of the first to find out.
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