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From Twitter 12-31-2009

  • 00:15:12: @keithlaw Whither Don Mattingly? Since you care about periods of dominance, he was the best 1B of the 80s.
  • 17:50:30: @WhitlockJason Enough about Indy! To hell with history, they can win a Super Bowl! THAT'S history!
  • 17:52:04: @WhitlockJason IF that's the case, then why is Pittsburgh probably not going to make the playoffs?
  • 17:54:46: #10yearsago I was starting boot camp. They actually let us watch a shitty movie that I think I slept through. Don't even remember what movie
  • 18:11:44: My HoF ballot: Alomar, Raines, Blyleven, Martinez, Mattingly, McGwire, Larkin, Trammell. Don't hurt me, stat guys. ;_;
  • 18:33:50: @BJaMsWorld Who the fuck else voted for that clunker?
  • 18:38:42: @BJaMsWorld "Individual" based. There's the kicker. It was a three game category (except Punch Out), and yes, it was better than FNR4.
  • 18:50:27: @BJaMsWorld I did say that, and stand by it. But I also thought FNR4 was not good. UFC isn't *bad*, but it's NOT S (cont) http://tl.gd/1e0q4

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