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From Twitter 01-02-2010

  • 03:10:25: @jlist Well, DHGF mainly specializes in indie games; the games you sell definitely qualify as that. It's important (cont) http://tl.gd/1ef54
  • 12:19:12: I just checked Japanator's top 50 anime of the decade. I wish I didn't.
  • 13:18:22: Reason #84321 to not trust digital distribution: game value never depreciates. A $15 is always $15 if the company in charge says so.
  • 14:13:27: @ErikaS981 I especially love it when people question you on why you said no to their recs. One friend of mine in particular LOVES that. :/
  • 14:38:40: Suikoden 1 down. Next is Suikoden 2! Why yes, I do have a queue of games that I need to beat. Why do you ask?
  • 14:39:13: @jim_sterling Well, gee, if I had someone calling ME a pussy because I was tired of getting killed, I'd just have to go back and play!
  • 18:39:26: @sportsguy33 How can RIAA supported bands possibly be "indie"? Their support is the direct opposite of "indie".
  • 18:41:48: Thank, Jarome Iginla and Henrik Lundqvist! Without you, I would not know that Hockey is, indeed, for everyone!
  • 18:42:33: (There's irony in that statement: hockey has become so expensive to play that anyone non-affluent has no chance of moving past youth hockey)
  • 19:23:08: @lukekarrys What defines the "indie style"? I'm totally confused. "Indie" has become an antonym.
  • 19:24:36: Hockey fans: watch out for Nikita Filatov, a Columbus prospect. Great skater, smart with the puck, low panic threshold, and responsible on D
  • 19:32:19: Holy shit. Sometimes, goaltending is the only difference between a win and a loss. Conz was awesome, and Babkov wasn't. #worldjuniors

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