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From Twitter 01-05-2010

  • 00:22:40: @burn_my_dread "User thing"? XD
  • 09:38:54: @WhitlockJason Boise State and TCU at least deserved to play other teams. I think the BCS knew exactly what it was doing with all 3 teams.
  • 09:46:17: Only in 2010 can an hour long game not allowing anyone to save be a "design flaw". #kidsthesedays
  • 10:08:40: @burn_my_dread The PS3 version of Bayonetta is virtually broken. Be advised on that before you buy it.
  • 14:25:03: @burn_my_dread so their 13th forward is hurt. We'll live. XD
  • 15:30:10: @BJaMsWorld I prefer to call those "taints".
  • 15:35:45: A 350lb. woman getting a refill for her 42oz. soda and making sure to fill it DIRECTLY to the top, with no room to spare. Welcome to Derby.
  • 15:38:19: @burn_my_dread So who WOULD replace Bergeron? We don't need 8 defensemen. Lecavlier? Stamkos? *gulp* Shane Doan?
  • 15:57:43: @ErikaS981 Translation: "FUCK IT I GIVE UP. I'M BUYING A VIBRATOR FOR HER"
  • 16:51:22: @burn_my_dread I'd say Vinnie. It's not his fault Tampa is awful.
  • 18:34:58: Quinnipiac's rink is an amazing place to watch hockey! Naturally, my goal is to skate it.
  • 19:27:25: @keithlaw please tell me those votes are public.
  • 19:37:40: If I think it's cold? It's fucking cold.
  • 20:30:14: @burn_my_dread ... That makes no sense. Why are they fans if they don't play? THese are Kingdom Hearts fans, aren't they?
  • 20:37:18: Thanks to Terrell, I finally found the cure for sweat in my helmet... Stay-Free pads. Yes, I'm wearing feminine hygene pads on my head now.
  • 20:45:13: God fucking damnit, Pietrangelo. Are you retarded? Canada's not winning shit until they start playing with discipline.
  • 21:01:10: @BJaMsWorld I don't do a lot of online play, so I'm honestly not sure. I'll check it out.
  • 21:03:34: WJC '10 Final: Goaltending optional. Shoot the puck, boys! Both teams!
  • 21:11:15: @BJaMsWorld Neither goalie is playing well. In fact, both goalies - both Canada and US - are playing God-awful.
  • 21:13:30: @BJaMsWorld Naturally, I say this as Jack Campbell - the replacement - starts saving everything with body parts that shouldn't make saves.
  • 21:14:53: RT @keithlaw: I'm dying to see which ornithophile-BBWAA member withholds his vote from Randy Johnson on the 2015 ballot.
  • 21:20:13: @BJaMsWorld Not possible; he's only 18 or so. You probably know him from the NCAA; he's Michigan's goaltender.
  • 21:24:42: Hitting's starting to pick up. This game's outstanding; definitely "keep until I delete" status on DVR. #wjc2010
  • 21:28:59: While at intermission, let me pay tribute to Randy Johnson, who will get 100% of the HOF vote if there is any justice in this world.
  • 21:35:26: @BJaMsWorld At Michigan or on Team USA?
  • 21:36:59: @BJaMsWorld And I stand corrected! Jack Campbell is in the OHL! My mistake.
  • 21:41:07: @burn_my_dread ... That's kinda retarded. Play the games! Yeesh. XD
  • 21:48:19: @jlist Shit, just browse the internet for a few minutes. That warmes the iPhone up right nice (to dangerous for the phone levels)
  • 21:51:02: This is why I dislike modern goaltending; my instincts on that pass across are SLIDE ACROSS AND MAKE HIM PLAY ACROSS THE DEFENCE. Damnit.
  • 21:52:31: At a time like this, I have to wonder if Canada playing Switzerland instead of Russia was a bad thing. They've played no one else of note.
  • 21:56:08: @BJaMsWorld I'm going to see RPI play this Friday! They're playing Quinnipiac.
  • 22:18:10: @BJaMsWorld 20 minutes, then a shootout.
  • 22:41:21: That is why I don't like 4 on 4 in overtime. The gold medal was decided by videogame hockey. #wjc2010
  • 22:58:10: @BJaMsWorld Awesome! Keep it in video games, and keep it away from the ice!
  • 22:58:58: @BJaMsWorld To my knowledge, not yet. But they cannot enter administration, or it will guarantee relegation (loss of points)
  • 23:06:45: @burn_my_dread :D
  • 23:07:15: @burn_my_dread Well... not everyone. I think Jake Allen will have a long night.
  • 23:10:12: @burn_my_dread I have no disappointment (except in the goaltending). It was 4-on-4. The winner doesn't count at that point, it's a videogame
  • 23:13:19: @burn_my_dread Wait... what ARE you implying with this tweet, DEAR...? >:[

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