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From Twitter 01-06-2010

  • 00:54:03: @libertyideals Bush "kept terror away" for seven years? What about 2001!? He was there for that! In fact, I think he ignored it like FDR!
  • 01:00:58: @burn_my_dread That's because a puck bunny will fuck anything. I could probably still bed most puck bunnies. XD
  • 01:01:59: Chris Dodd is out! I like how he chickened out when the water got hot. Good fuckin' riddance.
  • 01:26:55: http://bit.ly/8GonZB - Quick question: if they're not letting kids be scanned because they'd be naked, WHY ARE WE THEN SCANNING THE ADULTS!?
  • 09:05:31: Wait, so Blumenthal's after Dodd's seat now? I don't like that. I like Blumenthal so much, I never want him to leave his AG chair.
  • 09:06:45: @ErikaS981 Nothing's changed, I see?
  • 09:15:12: The next step in airline security: everyone walks through public terminals naked. If you're a darkie, cavity searches. To protect us all!
  • 09:19:28: Quote of the day: "If you work in marketing or advertising... kill yourself" - B. Hicks.
  • 09:23:42: If Andre Dawson gets into the Hall of Fame and Bert Blyleven doesn't...
  • 09:28:56: @ErikaS981 Their triage has always been awful. The one thing I remember from my '04 concussion was being strapped down and ignored for 4 hrs
  • 09:29:44: @ErikaS981 I'm very big on pro-consumer rights, and he's the best AG at protecting their rights that hasn't hired a hooker yet.
  • 10:28:32: @burn_my_dread So basically, you're allergic to nature? XD
  • 11:10:49: @sportsguy33 This is worse than the alternative... how?
  • 13:03:22: @ValleyIndy There goes Lauretti's chance at governor.
  • 13:04:16: @OldHossRadbourn I didn't know someone had to "feel" like a HoFer. Are you guys hard? Soft? Chewy? Like a breast? I'm confused.
  • 14:00:34: RT: @burning_phoneix: Veron rejects Multimillion dollar move to man city for the sake of his family and club loyalty. Veron, I salute you!
  • 14:31:40: The BBWAA is a disgrace. What, couldn't have an umpire spitter on the *precious* first ballot, you old, decrepit fucks? When are you dying?
  • 14:33:21: That's a serious question: when are you old, don't-even-cover-baseball-anymore writers dying off? Just die off already. Just die.
  • 15:09:51: @Samarecarm Blargh! I can see why you're frustrated. I would say follow your instincts. Don't let a shitty article go live.
  • 17:18:50: I still can't get over the HoF vote. This is why we need to take the vote away from the writers. They are incapable of doing a good job.
  • 17:24:44: @Hesster56 The point about journalistic integrity - or lack thereof - stands, though.
  • 17:58:25: @BJaMsWorld Working on Qix++ now (it sucks). After that, it's League of Legends (going slloooow). Then, I start concentrating on columns.
  • 18:26:41: @BJaMsWorld If you played the Qix++ demo, you played the game. Congrats, you just saved $10 (plus more for DLC to complete the game)
  • 20:13:06: Sign of maturity: deciding that I'd rather eat a light dinner than get that chicken parm that I've been craving. A year ago, I'm parming.
  • 20:43:15: I'm already tired? Did I turn 74 overnight?
  • 21:49:46: http://bit.ly/6Lewpw (Thanks, @ErikaS981) - Researchers come to the same conclusion as almost every man on Earth: there is no G-spot.
  • 21:55:33: This Qix++ review I'm writing almost makes me feel guilty. I almost feel like I'm hurting Taito. If I am, however, it was in retaliation.
  • 22:09:06: @keithlaw Lisa Olson abstained? Please tell me she's not one of those types that abstains because of the steroid era.
  • 22:10:22: @ErikaS981 I think after that, he'll never bother you again. XD
  • 23:01:29: I love that Mark Lauretti's gubernatorial attempt more or less ended before it began thanks to a building official. #hahayoustupidfuck
  • 23:04:39: @therivalry Awesome, you want him? You can fucking have him. I can't stand him.

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