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From Twitter 01-07-2010

  • 00:06:16: @burn_my_dread If you're using language like that, that's an OUTSTANDING question. D:
  • 00:08:24: Jay Mariotti sent in a blank ballot. Should have known that grandstanding cocksucker would never pass a chance at attention. #bbraa
  • 00:36:13: @therivalry I'd rather lose without Avery than win without him. Swear to God.
  • 11:50:16: @Hesster56 What's next for you? MCP?
  • 12:12:09: @Hesster56 Remote desktop is it's own cert?
  • 12:12:47: @revolver_ What are the alternatives? What else would have to be cut otherwise?
  • 12:59:24: @WhitlockJason Aren't they already teaching them? What is the rookie programme for? Do they really have to "teach" things most adults...
  • 13:01:04: @WhitlockJason knew before they became adults? They have something to teach these guys when they're coming in, and it's not working.
  • 20:19:02: Dear Playstation Store: Thank you for updating so fucking late in the day. I won't be able to go out now. Sincerely, Go Fuck Yourself.
  • 21:49:55: Wanted to out fo Italian and stay local. Settled on Bertucci's. That was a mistake.
  • 22:27:49: Can someone please explain the lure of Jersey Shore to me? I'm picturing Amateur Hour at the local racist clichés club.
  • 22:30:54: http://bit.ly/8SdUu3 - I'm beginning to wonder if the NFL has to step in and take the Raiders from Al Davis for the benefit of the league.
  • 22:44:07: @burn_my_dread You're going to look like a little girl wearing her mommy's clothes. XD
  • 22:44:38: @burn_my_dread I still maintain that he's never been a very good player.
  • 22:45:23: @burn_my_dread The rule is that you only blow the whistle if there's immediate danger to the player, and he's incapacitated.
  • 22:46:13: @burn_my_dread There's no point to this post, I just wanted to achieve my dream of being your entire visible Twitter feed. XD
  • 22:58:54: Awesome part of a new column/feature: going back to an old article to find out what you're supposed to be calling it.

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