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From Twitter 01-08-2010

  • 01:24:59: This playstation weekly piece is a piece of shit to write. It's a formatting nightmare, and Sony is no help due to their lack of punctuality
  • 11:35:04: Week 1 playoff picks: BENGALS -2.5, Cowboys -4, Ravens +3, Packers (PK). Off topic: I think the Jets are doing permanent damage to Sanchez.
  • 11:45:23: @burn_my_dread WTH? You're excited to see JAMIE FUCKIN' LUNDMARK!? What is this world coming to!?
  • 11:53:51: @JVB That's a good point - my weight has come down since I cut back - but all I can think is Bloomberg trying to ban soda in NYC like fats.
  • 12:03:09: @burn_my_dread He's still Jamie Lundmark! :'(
  • 12:15:05: I could get behind the tea party movements more if they weren't being shanghaied by whores like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Too many nuts.

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Jan. 9th, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
(I was very pleased to send back copies of the Glenn Beck book in the post-holiday crunch.)
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