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From Twitter 01-09-2010

  • 08:44:32: @WhitlockJason I love how "listening to people" involves shutting down modes of expression. Twitter isn't the problem. The person is.
  • 08:48:15: @jim_sterling Oh my God. Oh my God. Your wife did this, didn't she?
  • 08:52:32: They've licensed Axis Powers Hetalia? @dekunda will love that.
  • 09:06:59: @ErikaS981 But that's AWESOME! I'd be all over that! I want CT to be cold enough to turn my yard into a rink so bad...
  • 10:43:20: Sweet! My defenceman in Be A Pro made the NHL. No AHL stops for me! #nhl10
  • 10:43:50: With that said, my guy looks like a doofus with a golden helmet. Why can't we add boost slots to regular equipment again?
  • 11:22:21: @hatsuyuki I think that one qualifies for UR DOIN IT WRONG
  • 11:55:31: @BJaMsWorld I had five outstanding games;1G 7A, and +13. If I DIDN'T stick after that, I'd have been pissed.
  • 11:56:40: @BJaMsWorld What a load of bullshit. Injuries happen. Tough shit. There's no guarantee Colt wins that game for Texas.
  • 11:57:08: @BJaMsWorld You want to talk about asterisks? Asterisk those undefeated, non-BCS teams that don't get a sniff of a title because of money.
  • 12:25:15: RT: @WhitlockJason: Herm Edwards' interest in the USC job explains his moralistic rant about Tiger Woods.
  • 12:36:47: Does Google Reader now have the option to add folders!? Am I missing something?
  • 12:53:46: Figured it out; have to have an uncategorized feed, and create a new folder. Sloppy design, especially by Google's standards.
  • 13:16:45: @BJaMsWorld How do you think they beat Chelsea?
  • 14:08:19: Thanks to Twitter, I'm finally on the front page of a Google search for "Superbus". PS, fuck the band. Fucking French.
  • 14:31:40: @BJaMsWorld Let me guess: Manchester's tied.
  • 14:47:51: @BJaMsWorld Six minutes of extra time is bollocks. That always seems to happen when Man U or Chelsea are tied, and they need a winner.
  • 16:44:45: @jim_sterling Jim, people only get excited when something is shoved down their throats. One person is never enough to get it started.
  • 19:39:15: I can't believe this... The Jets have won. Oh my God. The NFL season is officially house money.
  • 19:45:20: I haven't been this excited about football since just before Byner's fumble. Who cares if Indy/SD throttle us next week? House money!
  • 22:33:09: Doink! Welcome home, Chris! #vancouverscoresbitches
  • 22:36:42: Every time a hockey team based in a warm weather city gets blown away 8-1, I smile a little bit inside.
  • 22:42:26: Amazing fight by Rypien and Prust. Awesome draw. Even agreeable by... uh, whatever Liz is calling herself now. #donthurtmehon XD
  • 22:45:29: @twelveicings Stan Smyl is the most revered Canuck in history. #irestmycase #nowonderwehavenocups
  • 22:46:43: First period in Vancouver is over, let's go watch an NFL coach's career end! #holyshitdoesphillysuck
  • 22:50:12: @twelveicings The only reason was because that cocksucker Keenan traded Trevor Linden! :(
  • 22:51:06: @jephjacques There's a Dragonforce song in my NHL hockey video game. That automatically makes them shit.
  • 23:00:39: The rejuvination of Patrick Marleau continues! I figure Midnight will hit once the first round comes along.
  • 23:02:29: The Red Wings look... old. And tired. I don't see them making the playoffs.
  • 23:18:12: @twelveicings Hey, it WAS a nice pass... XD
  • 23:22:26: THIS is why I love hockey.
  • 23:24:47: The moment I saw Iginla fired up on the bench, I knew that was going to happen. But what a fluke.
  • 23:25:50: There's nothing worse than seeing a shitty goal against your team, and then getting the text from ESPN announcing it.
  • 23:30:59: @BJaMsWorld Of course it is, it's the first one your team's WON since '96!
  • 23:35:28: Hey! Nice to see Todd Bertuzzi's back in Calgary! #whatthefuckdion

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