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From Twitter 01-10-2010

  • 00:55:09: @jephjacques Thank you for that! I was having to keep your Twitter up while I tried some of these bands.
  • 00:58:22: What a game. And by "what a game", I mean "Vancouver got outshot almost 2-1 and didn't deserve a fucking point".
  • 01:06:41: @twelveicings Liz, this is why we love you. <3 (Even if right now, I want to smother you with a pillow. XD)
  • 11:45:50: @WhitlockJason I don't care if Reid offered the man fried chicken and collard greens. I care how they govern.
  • 11:47:34: @WhitlockJason Then don't say anything political! You know if you say something, it's going to happen.
  • 12:43:28: @BJaMsWorld It is.
  • 13:30:36: "The Patriots are without Wes Welker, but they've never lost to the Ravens." The score right above this: BAL 14, NE 0. Whoops.
  • 17:06:22: @BJaMsWorld Post 1.02 patch.
  • 17:22:17: So that's why Nintendo released Final Fight Strong on the VC! New Final Fight coming out.
  • 19:00:18: @marinabrant Not a problem at all! I mean... people that say that are dead inside anyway.
  • 19:14:00: @marinabrant Honestly? I think people say those things because they're afraid of pissing off their bosses. That's sad. Like penned up cattle
  • 19:22:46: @BJaMsWorld The Favre diehards are saying the same thing.
  • 19:23:39: @BJaMsWorld I think it's either in online options or the game's roster options. You're on 1.03.
  • 19:24:08: @BJaMsWorld Actually, wait... you have to download those patches manually. Just try to start an online game, and it will download the patch.
  • 19:37:04: @WhitlockJason He's also had the most schizophrenic career I've ever seen. More peaks and valleys than an EKG.
  • 19:43:58: Watching AT+T's commercials is like watching a guy that just got humiliated by a chick in front of his friends. It's pretty sad.
  • 19:48:57: The problem is that I say that, then realise that I'm on an AT+T contract with an AT+T exclusive phone (iPhone) #ohshitson
  • 19:50:27: Watching Arizona and Green Bay is like watching a Madden game where both guys know three money plays and abuse them.
  • 19:55:30: You know what a choke is? When at the VERY LAST SECOND, your body surges with adrenaline and does what you don't want.#neilrackers
  • 19:57:01: I look forward to stupid NFL fans wish death on a guy (Neil Rackers) that was 17 for 18 in the regular season. The man can kick.
  • 19:58:58: There is one benefit: if Green Bay scores, hopefully, that will force the NFL to fix their stupid, idiotic overtime rules.\
  • 20:01:16: @lukekarrys Well, THAT didn't help our cause...
  • 20:02:22: #quoteoftheday "Thank you, Aaron Rogers. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you." - N. Rackers
  • 20:04:23: @WhitlockJason Stop it. You sound like Gene Wojciechowski right now.
  • 20:07:13: @BJaMsWorld There will be another time. Some team will win an NFL overtime game on a coin flip, and there will be a push for change.
  • 20:09:33: @WhitlockJason So when do you appear on Around the Horn?
  • 20:42:03: Scouts Inc. has Neil Rackers tied for the ninth best kicker in football, and one point off of seventh. Most fans have no clue. Fans are dumb
  • 21:47:55: http://bit.ly/4oTuHm - Ah! So THIS is why hentai's gone to shit in a handbasket! Developers: "busty" does not mean "F-cup"
  • 22:52:55: @sportsguy33 For all the evil that Harry Reid does, this is the least significant thing to attack him for. Silly.
  • 23:42:45: If you're in any way competitive, don't ever play a team based game online. Someone on your team will be a fag, and it will make you nuts.
  • 23:45:58: Playing in single player BAP mode is going to fuck me up. Smart teammates that think passing the puck isn't a sin? Get out.

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