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From Twitter 01-11-2010

  • 01:12:49: @BJaMsWorld Part of the problem is that I'm ultra-competitive. I have to tell myself to dial it back with friends; I just hate losing.
  • 11:48:25: @sportsguy33 Is Conan really that "edgy" where he would need to go on Comedy Central?
  • 12:19:41: ... I'm out of pocky. :'(
  • 12:45:37: @twelveicings Hey!!! >:[
  • 14:09:27: So that cunt Sarah Palin showed her true colours, eh?
  • 18:10:07: OK, Mark McGwire admitted he used steroids. Can we stop this pretentious posturing in the media and make him a fucking Hall of Famer now?
  • 18:30:51: http://bit.ly/7cZL64 - Fuck you, Sega.
  • 19:38:45: http://bit.ly/6rRAfU - If this wasn't USC, they would have received the death sentence by now. More proof the NCAA is crooked.
  • 20:20:18: @keithlaw Under. I see next year as the writers/voters "punishing" McGwire for not coming clean earlier.
  • 20:20:57: So instead of banning fighting in their junior league (16-20), the OHL is now mandating neckguards for officials. Totally assinine./
  • 21:53:39: @twelveicings True, but 3x at Starbucks, your wallet is being read it's last rites. XD
  • 22:02:07: I love what Mark Messier is doing with the Messier Project, but the irony is that he wore the same Winnwell helmet for his whole career.
  • 22:28:47: @twelveicings Bad tidings! You should buy a Luongo jersey instead. :D *RUNS*
  • 22:55:17: McGwire's admission should vindicate Ralph Kiner, the TRUE Home Run King!
  • 23:09:17: I think I'm going to go out tomorrow and try some Oyakodon.
  • 23:10:31: Alex Burrows for the NHL All Star Game!
  • 23:20:14: Dear fellow journalists: Darksiders borrowed other elements from games. Know why? BECAUSE THOSE ELEMENTS MAKE A GOOD FUCKING GAME!!!

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Jan. 12th, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
And why are we fucking Sega today? Bayonetta, I presume?

And, as far as borrowing elements from other games, forgive me for linking to Game FAQs, but you may find this review of FFXIII interesting:

Ashley Winchester – Final Fantasy XIII
Jan. 12th, 2010 09:36 pm (UTC)
The link next to that shows that Sonic Adventure is being ported to XBLA. That, combined with this Project Needlenose bullshit, just further proves how horrible a company Sega has become - Bayonetta notwithstanding (it's good) - since Sammy started raping their corpses. Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, shoving Sonic down our throats... while Panzer Dragoon Saga (I'll have a note on that one in tomorrow's Twitter update) and other key titles go ignored. Where's Dragon Force? Where's any of the old Panzer Dragoon games? They could re-release NiGHTS - the good one - and make a killing. Seriously! Stop shitting Sonic games, Sega!
Jan. 12th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
And they only published Bayonetta too.
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:07 am (UTC)
I have been wondering what became of all the games in the Sega back catalogue, but they do not seem to care about those. Sonic titles are good for a quick – if small – buck, but there was a time, perhaps not so long ago, when Sonic was only one feature of the Sega library, not the thing that defined it.

Curious thing about Bayonetta – the PS3 version supposedly has problems with long load times and graphics tearing at inopportune places. Though Sega did not develop the game, AFAIK, they are responsible for the PS3 port, and, if these are problems that do not occur on the 360, then they should be cake to avoid on the Black Box of Doom ™. Do they simply not care ... ?
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