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From Twitter 01-12-2010

  • 00:11:51: @twelveicings When are you NOT pissed at a loss? XD
  • 00:16:14: http://bit.ly/6WBAPw - I review (aka: blister) Qix++ for Diehard GameFAN. Sorry, @TaitoCorp.
  • 00:19:58: @BJaMsWorld BTW, you made a special guest appearance in this latest review!
  • 00:21:36: @EricBandRakim All you need is one mic!
  • 00:29:12: @twelveicings ... Oh. Fuck. That's bad.
  • 01:17:19: Re-reading my Qix review is a reminder to myself to edit my own work before they go live. Jesus. This review sucks from a writing standpoint
  • 02:02:40: @twelveicings They can look at the tape of warm-ups. Everything is taped.
  • 02:03:11: @twelveicings Here's what I want to know... why was the ref talking to people pre-game? Why was he out there? That's linesmen territory.
  • 02:04:33: @twelveicings That said? I know first-hand referees that have carried vendettas into a game and said that to players. And Auger's a prick.
  • 02:16:06: @twelveicings I've seen it happen. One time during a junior game I was on the line for, I heard a player mouth off (cont) http://tl.gd/3cmha
  • 13:33:27: I have the only sure way for a steroid guy to gain forgiveness from the idiot baseball writers: Seppuku. That MIGHT be "contrite" enough.
  • 13:54:07: http://bit.ly/8icpzD - Shit like this is why I can't get behind the tea party movement. Like the Libertarian Party, it's been hijacked.
  • 14:36:56: http://bit.ly/5wntRd - And on that day, two libertarians were born. Good one for @mrsdanahale.
  • 15:03:14: http://bit.ly/8bXw8y - Hear that, Sega Sammy? Oh, wait, you're too busy jerking off Sonic to release Panzer Dragoon Saga as a downloadable.
  • 15:12:32: @burning_phoneix That's as idiotic as the mayor of NYC saying that Bush had no terror attacks on his watch... conveniently forgetting 9/11!
  • 15:13:24: @EverythingAnime I hope the company dies. I really do. Their previous CEO set anime in America back years.
  • 15:27:08: @burning_phoneix Cats and Dogs? Does he have you guys confused with the Chinese? XD
  • 15:27:57: Is there a Japanese restaurant in southern CT that DOESN'T try to shove sushi down my throat?
  • 15:29:59: Or Hibachi. I love Hibachi, but it sucks when you're eating alone. Unless four or five people want to go out on a Tuesday night.
  • 15:53:46: Dear Facebook: I routinely send messages to the same friend. If you continue to make me verify via CAPTCHA, I will find a different way.
  • 23:30:43: Oh, sure. NOW Google decides they're not going to play nice with China. That's what you get when you sell your soul to the devil, fuckers.

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