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From Twitter 01-14-2010

  • 00:05:12: Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria on #Yelp: I hate chains, but I also hate driving out to try a new place late at night... http://bit.ly/87iqJF
  • 00:05:48: @twelveicings Oooh! Another scoreboard proposal? XD
  • 00:12:12: @twelveicings What woman doesn't want to marry some kid that lives in his boss's basement? XD
  • 00:15:03: @twelveicings Liz, that's not a marriage, that's a trophy husband. XD
  • 00:18:38: @twelveicings No, but you'd show that jewellery his money would buy off, I bet! XD
  • 00:24:36: Valley Diner Restaurant on #Yelp: I'm not sure really what has to be said about the Valley Diner at this point; it's... http://bit.ly/5khKpK
  • 01:13:28: Nino's Trattoria Restaurant on #Yelp: I don't ask much when I go into an Italian restaurant. I want good, flavourful... http://bit.ly/6b0Lcd
  • 03:55:08: Roseland Apizza on #Yelp: Living in Derby and giving Roseland only three stars is probably enough for the city to ha... http://bit.ly/5qR3dT
  • 03:59:59: I'm on a #Yelp roll, bitches! You'd almost think I was @ErikaS981 or something.
  • 13:00:38: @BJaMsWorld If the DS game was any indication, it's going to suck. The DS game was awful.
  • 13:01:11: The only thing worse than sleeping in is not being able to find my fucking glasses for a whole hour and a half.
  • 13:04:36: @twelveicings She's the Carmen Sandiego of the National Hockey League! Duh! (She also seems to follow EVERYONE)
  • 13:07:55: @ErikaS981 Sounds much preferable to the 350lb. woman with my facial hair getting every last drop of soda she can!
  • 13:24:10: For the record: I think there's some fire to the Alex Burrows/Stephane Auger smoke. Not as a Canucks fan, but as a referee.
  • 13:59:18: @BJaMsWorld The new Tecmo Bowl.
  • 15:01:39: Look at the other side of the Carlos Beltran debate: would YOU trust the Mets' doctors at this point!?
  • 15:13:28: http://bit.ly/5KhO4q - Strangely, this is what happens in games like Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer. Don't think it can't happen.
  • 15:39:48: @ppandutility Baseball fan first, Mets fan second.
  • 15:41:29: One bad part of being a journalist for a small site: no one ever responds to my inquiries. Maybe I should lie and say I'm from Gamespot?
  • 16:15:03: @thestolenfork As do I. Asian Bistro doesn't have a lot of Japanese dishes, and I wanted Japanese. And I was alone, so no hibachi.
  • 17:51:27: @BJaMsWorld Oh, I have SO many opinions... I'll make a longer point later, but basically, the game is TOO well coached today for high points
  • 17:51:55: @BJaMsWorld Midfield. Defence, you have to worry too much about holding your line. Midfield is where to stick newbies.
  • 18:59:29: Does anyone know a convenient way to search for a company's news as of a certain date (ie, why Activision stock plummeted from Oct. 22-30)?
  • 19:03:29: I've been getting columns ready now for a month. All of a sudden, everyone wants to write a weekly column?
  • 19:10:59: @burning_phoneix It might fool them! Gamespot is just a group of whores, so maybe they think it's another puff piece!
  • 19:12:01: Dear Janet Napolitano: You stupid bitch. Airport screening isn't the problem. The PEOPLE doing the screening are the problem!
  • 19:18:19: @burning_phoneix True. Though I never got the whole "Jews = Racist" bit. All the Jews I know are white!
  • 19:19:04: Hey Sony, anytime you want to release that PSN update, that'd be the bee's knees. Preferably before midnight. Thanks.
  • 19:23:27: Looking at financial data for large game companies makes me realize I know dick about finance. I'm way out in left field.
  • 19:35:18: Every big politician who senses trouble turns populist, regardless of their party. Hence Obama's rhetoric about fining the banks.
  • 20:08:14: @Samarecarm Their RSS feed sucks, then. I got nothing so far. :(
  • 20:19:45: @Samarecarm Yeah, I did too. Sloppy, sloppy site design. And I'm installing the Lunar demo while trying to edit and write, too. XD
  • 20:47:13: @Samarecarm Are you planning on reviewing that? I know Mark is, but if you're both reviewing it, I want to advertise that.
  • 20:49:12: Oh, PSP firmware updates. Completely useless, a waste of time, and not worth it in the end. Reminds me of a lot of high school girlfriends.
  • 21:08:00: Why the fuck do I have to update my firmware to play a demo anyway? Jesus H. Christ, Sony! You guys don't do anything right!
  • 21:45:33: @WhitlockJason @troyler What is being implied? It's a powerful, well written piece. It's called reporting. No lines to be read between.
  • 21:49:46: Chris Drury's an amazing leader, but I guess even he can't lead the puck into the fucking net.
  • 22:53:24: @twelveicings HA! I have to restart my computer every couple days! I WIN! I AM THE RULER OF TH-- shit, BRB. Rebooting.

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Jan. 15th, 2010 11:41 am (UTC)

Perhaps my mileage varies, but I always thought of Jews as a separate, distinct group, not subscribing to any of the colors of the human rainbow. This, of course, is inaccurate, since there are Jews of all colors, but I get the feeling that the term 'white' is inseparable in my head from one Christian denomination or another.
Jan. 15th, 2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
I guess Jews are white, but their ultimate origin is Israel anyways, right? So they are technically Middle Eastern.
Depending on how..."pure-blooded" they are. :P

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