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From Twitter 01-16-2010

  • 03:09:09: @thelostlolli I would, just to see his face. XD
  • 04:29:18: OK, iTunes. You have a library in your folder. I want to import it. Why is nothing there?
  • 16:48:22: YOu mean the only name left for Project Needlemouse is Sonic!?!? I can't believe it! We never saw that coming, Sega!!! (You fucking whores)
  • 16:56:10: I think I'm going to put myself on a self-enforced Bruins moratorum until this Senate election is finished. I live in CT and I'm tired of it
  • 17:02:37: DJ Hero 2 has been announced. Expect a full court press from marketing. Activision is nothing if not willing to shove a game down our throat
  • 17:14:18: The Southwest commercial on NESN trumps their amount of flights, but all I can think is that the woman probably lives with cats and sadness.
  • 17:18:53: I hope Project Needlemouse fails. I swear to God. Kill the modern Sega Sammy, and give their other IPs to someone who cares.
  • 17:30:25: http://bit.ly/5RWmQo - No, Sega! Bad! Do NOT fuck up my Valkyrie Chronicles! BAD!
  • 17:35:19: ... 7-2? Really? #fuckchelski
  • 17:40:15: Yes, Jack Edwards. It was a hook. You stupid homer.
  • 19:18:17: @BJaMsWorld Yeah, 7-2. And it was worse than it looked.
  • 19:20:13: If the Saints make the Super Bowl, does that mean I'll have to put up with that Karadashian wench there, too?
  • 19:50:24: Apple, am I seriously going to have to reload ALL of my music, one by one? Your programme sucks, and I'd dump it if I didn't have an iPhone.
  • 19:50:43: ... Oh my God, what's going to happen if I plug my iPhone in!? Am I going to lose my data!?
  • 20:12:09: Dan Dierdorf looks like your high school girlfriend's police officer father, looking you over unapprovingly. Intimidating.
  • 20:36:30: The Blues scored on the Rangers. That means the game is already over. NY might as well pull their goaltender now. Yes, there's 50 min. left.
  • 20:40:38: The Knicks are down 14 to the corpses of the Detroit Pistons. I'd say all playoff pretenses are officially over.
  • 21:38:31: Baltimore has to come from behind two touchdowns in a half. For that, they need a prolific QB. Translation: Game's over, who wants pie?
  • 21:48:53: Wow, Alyson Hannigan's gotten hotter as she's gotten older. I defintely approve. I don't think Aileen does, though.
  • 22:02:20: @twelveicings No, she doesn't fuck around with shoes, unless she's taking it off specifically to kick me in the ass. XD
  • 22:12:17: Something I don't get: grown men wearing the name and number of another grown man on their sports jerseys. I'm talking cats my age.
  • 22:18:12: @twelveicings Anywhere! For example, I see NY Jets fans older than me wearing Mark Sanchez's jersey (age: 24). That's pathetic, IMO.
  • 22:19:53: Even when something goes right for the Ravens, it goes wrong. This one's about over.
  • 22:23:29: @twelveicings It's a form of hero worship to me; I grew out of that when I started playing, then reffing, pro hockey. But I admit I'm jaded.
  • 22:24:59: Ed Reed can't buy a break.
  • 22:50:37: Why is Baltimore punting now, of all times?
  • 22:55:38: So @sportsguy33 is picking the Jets to win outright in San Diego. We're fucked.
  • 23:16:49: The iTunes travesty has one advantage: I can clean up the crap that's gathered on my drive. 5GB down already!
  • 23:22:11: Holy shit, a Von Hayes sighting on MLB Network!
  • 23:30:52: I wonder how @twelveicings feels about Vancouver blowing the shit out of Pittsburgh. Who's she rooting for? Van? Sid? A meteor?

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Jan. 17th, 2010 05:04 pm (UTC)
Does not post thoughts about how Ms. Hanigan has, indeed, increased in hotness over time. Redheads have the power.
Jan. 17th, 2010 05:36 pm (UTC)
I'd wear a jersey with Makelele's name on it.
Jan. 17th, 2010 06:02 pm (UTC)
Apple, am I seriously going to have to reload ALL of my music, one by one? Your programme sucks, and I'd dump it if I didn't have an iPhone.

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