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From Twitter 01-17-2010

  • 00:24:21: Interesting note: today would have been six years at FESS.
  • 00:35:26: The 11th best team in the NBA's Western Conference would be 5th in the East. How pathetic.
  • 01:04:04: @Samarecarm Hey, where'd you come from!? I mean... uh, hey, honey! Would you like a footrub? :D
  • 01:04:33: @twelveicings @Samarecarm Don't you two get started! >:[ I didn't even know Aileen remembered she had a Twitter account! XD
  • 01:23:04: Anyone that really loves me? Get me this: http://tinyurl.com/yex4hy9
  • 03:24:25: @Samarecarm Yes, but it's AN AUTHENTIC KEN DRYDEN FROM THE SUMMIT SERIES OMG
  • 03:24:38: @Samarecarm >:[
  • 03:31:53: Dear MLB '09: I love your game, but your baserunning controls are atrocious.
  • 04:55:05: @Aitherion You do. I'm just retarded.
  • 12:07:26: @sportsguy33 You still purchase tickets from a slumlord. How can we reconsile that? Your team you purchase from hates it's consumers!
  • 12:51:43: RT @sportsguy33: Whoa! SD-NYJ line moved all the way to SD -8.5 today. @chadmillman - what the hell is going on?
  • 18:10:51: Thanks to @BJaMsWorld's tweets, I didn't have to watch the Cowboys game to know how it went. I don't even need to check the score!
  • 19:11:51: We're spending our house money, baby!
  • 19:22:56: HOUSE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO INDY!!!
  • 19:28:24: Good quarterbacking by Phil Rivers. Your TE drops a pass? Go right back to him.
  • 19:32:25: Welcome to the Norwood Zone, Nate Kaeding. I can't blame Norv Turner for his kicker going 0-3.
  • 19:38:37: To be fair to Nate Kaeding, he played the final five games of '07 with a *BROKEN LEG*. He's a KICKER, that's either his kick or plant leg.
  • 19:41:37: Also, Nate Kaeding is 0-3, but one of those was 57 yards. Still a shitty day, but overratedly bad.
  • 19:44:06: Blatantly missed on that last run: the massive holding by the LT. I guess the whistles are away.
  • 19:46:51: Here's a question: if the Chargers get the ball back... do they go for a FG?
  • 19:51:08: Looking at the instant reaction to Kaeding's kicks is telling. No wonder kickers choke! Only Kanye West can get stronger on so much hate.
  • 20:06:57: It's nice the Jets won... but let's be frank. They can't squeak by Indy like this.
  • 20:23:38: As ecstatic as I am that the Jets have moved onto Indy, that isn't a good matchup next week. They could get shut out. Indy's D is NASTY.
  • 22:31:31: @WhitlockJason Oh, bullcrap. It's about followers? @D_Stallworth18 shouldn't turn this into self-flagulation.
  • 23:06:38: Why I love MLB '09: The Show, reason #28432: Playing a hunch, and having it work. Charlton Jimerson, DH Extraordinare!
  • 23:20:58: @BJaMsWorld I didn't like most of it, but that's also probably because I don't like that style of rock. FIFA's more balanced there.

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Jan. 18th, 2010 11:53 am (UTC)
Peyton Manning: *cracks knuckles*
Jan. 18th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
The 11th best team in the NBA's Western Conference would be 5th in the East. How pathetic.

NBA is rigged btw. ^____^
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