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From Twitter 01-18-2010

  • 04:50:10: @jephjacques Hey, quick, tangental question: Whatever happened to Faye insisting on enunciating every word to hide her southern accent?
  • 16:19:07: @connpost Sorry, but I'm seeing someone else. It's not you, it's me. I've left you guys for @ValleyIndy
  • 16:20:33: @BJaMsWorld What is Dynasty Manager?
  • 16:26:04: http://bit.ly/4qkESQ - I look forward to all the media whores drawing a parallel between this and PUJOLS DOES ROIDS!!! C'mon, Plaschke!
  • 16:56:22: http://bit.ly/867LIF - VERY interesting take on the Jeff Zucker/Jay Leno situation. Strong Devil's Advocate here.
  • 17:02:14: ... Why is the Arbiter showing me getting paid in pound stirling now? I Wish I was getting £47 for bantams, with today's exchange rates!
  • 17:13:50: @BJaMsWorld What did that cowardly piece of shit say today?
  • 18:44:40: @BJaMsWorld His whole calling is to rile people up. You don't have to be right anymore; throwing poo all around mi (cont) http://tl.gd/48dkm
  • 21:29:28: Why is KEGA Fusion insisting on a fixed screen size, while simultaneously making my graphics driver nuts? #emulationisntperfect
  • 21:37:11: @ErikaS981 Let me know if we somehow have a similar game that plays online! I'm bus1929
  • 22:29:46: @twelveicings Because like a neglected wife, you always go back? *RUNS* XD
  • 22:32:19: @jdeloma Isn't this where DCF comes in and goes "uh... no"?

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