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From Twitter 01-20-2010

  • 01:02:49: No, Windows, you may NOT run Media Player as a background process! Time to get rid of you!
  • 01:14:48: @twelveicings No! It sucks! I'm not happy with iTunes lately, but it's still loads better, and doesn't run in the background perpetually!
  • 01:38:07: With all the good the Republicans have done for themselves (not Americans) recently, they can undo it all by nominating Palin for '12. :D
  • 02:30:20: @BJaMsWorld Hey, how're you doing on that test review?
  • 03:24:08: @jim_sterling We used to get England's good shows - the old stuff - on BBC America. Now we get the crap. What happened? It wasn't always bad
  • 05:17:49: Local drivers: the roads are so slick that I was literally able to pass an ice hockey puck on the asphalt 50ft. and keep it flat. Be CAREFUL
  • 13:52:56: @BJaMsWorld Yeah, that's fine, school comes first. Week deadlines are only in effect for games received from companies.
  • 14:19:35: @Hesster56 ... Wooooooooow. That's exceptionally self-serving. What horseshit.
  • 14:20:33: @connpost Woah, what the hell!? Who gave them that alcohol? What are they looking at, discipline wise? What is this Big Brother nonsense?
  • 14:31:32: Wow. So the DRM for Bioshock 2 is a double-whammy; SecuROM is only the TIP. I'm officially out of the Bioshock 2 running.
  • 14:33:43: http://bit.ly/7j5bwi - No, seriously. Fuck you, Sega.
  • 15:16:07: @Samarecarm That's actually what I use.
  • 17:48:40: RT: @ryanaraine: mark sanchez on the cover for SI. i'm sick to my stomach. (God DAMNIT, SI. Not now! - Bus)
  • 21:33:29: I know Hydlide is shit, but Super Hydlide isn't any better!
  • 21:55:21: Right off the bat, the only FAQ for Super Hydlide is flat-out wrong. This is going to suck.

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Jan. 21st, 2010 11:31 am (UTC)
Why in the blue blazes of Hell are you playing any of the Hydlide games, 'Bus? The only reason the original is on my NES shelf at all is that I got it for $0.99 in order to mock it. (If I can beat it, though, I get Manliness Points ™.)