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From Twitter 01-21-2010

  • 00:41:45: Thank you, @Jposnanski. You made the best points about the "steroid era" that anyone could have. http://bit.ly/5AyTsJ
  • 02:07:08: So Ja Rule might go to jail? Bwahahahaha! A gun doesn't make you hard, you fuckin' faggot!
  • 02:12:23: @twelveicings Doesn't make him any less of a faggot, though. Personally? I smile with glee. XD
  • 04:21:54: @jlist I see no page. Is it just a flash page that's not loading?
  • 04:34:08: @jlist Still doesn't work in Mozilla (Adblock), but I did try it in Chrome and it works great. I'll disable Jlist from my Adblock.
  • 04:40:19: So not only do PC gamers have to pay for their MW2 DLC, they have to suffer the indignity of paying a month later than 360 gamers? Laughable
  • 04:49:06: @jlist Just EasyList, same as yours. But strangely, excepting JList opened those banners right up.
  • 07:24:57: @burning_phoneix I can't believe it hasn't hit 1m. But Mario + Sonic has. Unfuckingreal.
  • 17:53:19: Looks like my ambitious, weekly column just got relegated to filler and the realm of double digit hit totals because of everyone else.
  • 18:04:57: http://bit.ly/8Lt6dx - Leave it to Carl Ichann to fuck up a recovering company (2K). When does this old cocksucker die?
  • 18:20:46: Michael Atkinson confuses me. Gamer lobbies in his country are "evil" and use "dirty tricks"? Does this fool anyone in Australia?
  • 18:24:00: @widro Jon, how can I do that if I can't get a schedule going? UTS never gets hits because it's filler. Now I can't get a schedule going.
  • 18:26:43: http://bit.ly/8W6kJN - Any of my Facebook friends wonder why most of my stuff is regurgitated Twitter posts? Here's why.
  • 18:28:20: @widro That's a good point. I know Al likes to have a set schedule, but I wonder if we should get past that if we're going to update more.
  • 18:28:38: @widro We're literally brimming at the seams at this point with both reviews, features and content.
  • 18:31:50: http://bit.ly/8MNo8e - Bob Gainey's losing his fucking mind. NOW George Laraque doesn't fit in? He CAN'T fight; no one will fight him!
  • 18:39:28: President Obama calling today's SCOTUS decision a win for special interests is hypocritical considering they're what got him elected.
  • 18:52:34: With that said, SCOTUS just sold America to Exxon. You have to be sponsored by a major corporation to stand a chance of election now.
  • 19:24:07: @BJaMsWorld Our requirements, except for RPGs, is either beating the game or significantly advancing. RPGs? 10 hours in.
  • 19:28:59: I love how none of the Tea Party morons are coming out against the SCOTUS decision. What, your Republican masters got your tongues?
  • 20:09:29: Thinking of doing an obscure/Japanese retro game column, but might have to relegate it to SBNet; it'd be obvious I'd be using emulators.
  • 22:08:27: Interesting goalie matchup in Vancouver tonight: Luongo vs. his former backup, Alex Auld. I miss Auld.
  • 22:50:22: @twelveicings Careful. He might get you confused with a cabbie.
  • 22:50:41: Go John Tortorella! I love it when he takes on that useless hack Brooks.
  • 23:37:40: ... OK, I don't miss Auld so much anymore. YIKES! What a howler!
  • 23:47:55: Why is it that 2 writers who should know better insist on formatting their pieces with smart quotes? Jesus, I'm going to be working til 5AM.

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Jan. 22nd, 2010 11:48 am (UTC)
I prefer to call them Teabaggers. It seems ... accurate.

And ten hours will get you through the first FFXIII cut scene, one supposes.
Jan. 22nd, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
I love how none of the Tea Party morons are coming out against the SCOTUS decision.

One would assume it's because it has nothing to do with how much the government spends, which is kind of what they're all about.
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