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From Twitter 01-22-2010

  • 00:31:01: @sportsguy33 1987 NBA All Star game on NBA.tv again.
  • 00:38:32: Watching the '87 NBA All Star Game. They're spending minutes talking about how close of friends Isiah and Magic are. Whoopsie?
  • 00:51:50: @hatsuyuki Was that bid yours?
  • 01:01:25: @hatsuyuki ... well, fuck. :[
  • 03:14:10: After seven hours of writing and editing, there's no fucking way I'm playing Physics Lab. I don't have the patience for this shit.
  • 04:11:26: @jephjacques Do people not appreciate context? Have we learned nothing from George Carlin? Or are people just looking for a reason to bitch?
  • 04:13:59: @jephjacques "We don't mind when Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy use the word (nigger)... we know they're not racist... they're niggers!"
  • 04:55:37: @jephjacques Those people aren't conservatives. They're neo-conservatives. There is a big difference.
  • 05:47:48: @widro I would be very careful about that site. Make sure that the big companies will allow their licenses to be transferred first.
  • 06:03:33: @widro I'm actually in the process of asking DJ to see if I can get an inquiry out of Sony, Microsoft and Valve to see if they'll allow it.
  • 07:23:57: @jim_sterling Oh, be still my beating heart. :rolleyes:
  • 08:21:01: One negative thing about going through your old pieces for tagging purposes: some of them, you want to burn, not tag.
  • 08:36:23: http://bit.ly/7QeLuD - For anyone curious about my column archive, check out my DHGF archive. A preview for my weekly pieces!
  • 09:31:36: http://bit.ly/6KNbeB - I don't know who's more excited: NASCAR fans, their drivers, or Ed Hinton. Ol' Ed must be hard as a choir boy by now.
  • 10:05:43: @RAINN01 The URL is dead. And what is D.E.N.N.I.S?
  • 10:20:35: http://bit.ly/5rdXGX - Every time I think the Huffington Post isn't a trash rag, they do shit like this. What's next, is Ayla a Tiger Ho?
  • 10:24:06: For any Playstation 3 owners, don't forget that I write a weekly download wrap-up for @diehardgamefan! http://bit.ly/8uHxzJ
  • 16:35:39: #FF @pranheim - Former Whaler, but it's his work with PGKey that has the computer security guy in me interested. Relaly into his business
  • 16:37:26: #FF @JPosnanski - One of the best sports columnists around. His blog is virtually required reading.
  • 16:40:19: #FF @SPBowley - High school sports writer for the CT Post. Knows his shit.
  • 16:46:45: #FF @keithlaw He knows his shit when it comes to scouting baseball. Have to be on Insider to read his best information, though.
  • 16:48:09: #FF @jim_sterling I almost never hear him say anything positive, but I agree with him most of the time about the gaming industry.
  • 16:50:08: #FF @BrentMayne - Outstanding catching teacher. Check out brentmayne.com and his tip of the week.
  • 16:52:23: #FF @JVB @HeroicSuperman - Two guys who do the Post Game Report at talkingaboutgames.com. They know their shit and run a great show.
  • 17:06:33: Game journalists: gaming is NOT the reason for increased rickets cases. The doctor said it's a symptom of a bigger issue. Do your jobs!

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Jan. 23rd, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
Huffington Post has been picking on my employer as of late, resulting in extra processes at the store that add to my workload. :-( Then again, them heckling management gives me a chuckle.
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