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From Twitter 01-24-2010

  • 00:01:25: http://bit.ly/6xPdh8 - The latest Unbranding the Sheep is up! This week is about why game companies release sequels over new IPs.
  • 02:20:27: What a shock! My UTS isn't hitting worth shit!
  • 06:18:56: Why the fuck did I take an 8:30 game at the Gunnery School again? Oh right. Because I'm a moron.
  • 15:47:53: Did I read that update right!? Sanchez, 80 yard TD? And Braylon Edwards didn't drop it?
  • 16:18:02: Oh my God. Is this happening? Can this really be happening?
  • 16:22:32: You know who Jay Feely reminds me of? Former Bears kicker Kevin Butler. Both very tough football players who happened to kick.
  • 16:30:00: Being on the road might be a blessing for the Jets. Otherwise, 50K+ people would be silent, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • 16:47:51: My inner optimist says the Jets are in good shape. The inner Jets fan remembers Ernest Byner.
  • 16:52:26: Lost in the hoopla of the title games: the Knicks laying an absolute turd against the Mavericks. They're the Jekyll and Hyde of the NBA.
  • 16:53:32: Don't let that be the other shoe...
  • 16:55:28: BTW: Don't blame Feely for that kick. The bad snap fucked up his timing.
  • 17:01:01: The Jets are in trouble. They're moving the ball at will against the best defence in the NFL.
  • 17:01:19: OK... so can the Jets play from behind?
  • 17:23:43: End of the 3rd. This game's making me feel something I haven't felt watching sports in a long time: butterflies.
  • 17:28:44: OK, here comes the season. If the Colts score, the season's probably over.
  • 17:34:59: Underrated key of this game: penalties. The Colts have been virtually penalty free.
  • 17:35:52: ... Game.
  • 17:51:30: Give both teams credit. The Jets hung in there punching. But the Colts are Mike Tyson; eventually, they just need to catch you once.
  • 18:09:50: Now that the game's over... all the Jim Caldwell haters, please shut the fuck up. You don't know what you're talking about. Thank you.
  • 18:24:39: @therivalry Dude... it was a great season. And they gave it a great shot. Nothing to be ashamed or angry about. We just... lost. NO shame.
  • 18:44:58: At this point, I want the Vikings to win, if only to watch the entirety of the sports media be forced to eat their words.
  • 18:47:08: Brad Childress reminds me of a Billy Bob Thornton character. Unfortunately, I'm talking about Karl Childers.
  • 18:53:06: You know what, elitist sports fans? I like Joe Buck. He's really, really good. OK? Can you deal with that?
  • 19:03:32: This game has good hockey fight potential. That's when two fighters just start throwing bombs in percussion, switching hands the whole time.
  • 19:11:45: OK, for some reason, I've lost interest in football for the rest of the day. Time for NHL '10!
  • 20:09:42: @SPBowley @JenAMcPadden She's probably talking about the one with the screaming clown. It's horrid.
  • 21:19:43: RT: @jephjacques: Gave Adrian Peterson a baby to hold and it shot out of his hands and into a volcano
  • 21:20:58: I like how, after a game-changing fumble, the Vikings STILL hold the ball out in front of them.
  • 21:21:09: And AS I SAY THAT. Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?
  • 21:22:14: Berrian was holding that ball like it was hot snot, in front of his body. Tuck it! I learned that in grade school! And I never played!
  • 21:53:59: Congratulations, Brett Favre. You just made a mistake at 40 that grade school kids are taught not to do. He's a GUNSLINGER!
  • 21:55:43: THIS is the guy we know and love from the NFC Championship Game back in Green Bay! The one that singlehandedly killed Green Bay!
  • 22:01:36: And now, the NFC Champion is essentially decided by a coin flip. Hopefully, THIS kills NFL overtime.
  • 22:03:05: If the Vikings lose this game, Brad Childress should be fired. I swear to God. This game should be over. He should be fired.
  • 22:11:52: @BJaMsWorld You're going to hear it a LOT in about ten yards.
  • 22:12:51: Isn't a ball supposed to be catchable?
  • 22:16:28: @BJaMsWorld He did. He wasn't looking at the ball. But the ball wasn't catchable. The back guy that threw the flag had a bad angle at it.
  • 22:17:12: @BJaMsWorld He caught it. He had possession, then it touched the grass.
  • 22:17:48: 39 yard field goal for a fledgling kicker. Let's see if the kid has some balls.
  • 22:18:12: Holy shit, a Mark Brunell sighting! I thought he was dead!
  • 22:20:46: He had the balls. Now, let's see if the NFL fixes their awful, stupid, idiotic overtime rules. Minny didn't get the ball back.
  • 22:21:52: RT @TomPelissero: For the record: Favre's last pass as a Falcon, Jet and Packer ... all interceptions.
  • 22:35:21: Oh fuck, the Saints/Katrina hype has already started. Go Colts! Jesus fucking Christ, go Colts! I can't take this for two weeks.
  • 23:10:15: @WhitlockJason The problem with that play was that the back official was the one that flagged it. He had the worst angle.
  • 23:57:42: @twelveicings I can't believe, looking at Raymond, that he's actually in the NHL. I keep thinking he's going back to juniors. XD

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