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From Twitter 01-25-2010

  • 01:33:45: RT: @SPBowley: LOL Act like you've been there, kid. RT @TheSportBird: OMG. @AustralianOpen retweeted me. This is the GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE
  • 07:21:45: I swear to God, some people will do anything for a fucking T-shirt. I feel like I'm getting dumber by proxy.
  • 20:26:07: @jim_sterling People are beaten into accepting certain groups of people (cops, military) lest they become pariahs. It's sickening.
  • 20:26:23: @jim_sterling And I say that as former military.
  • 20:33:04: Uh oh... bidding's getting tight. Didn't expect to get outbid on THIS one.
  • 20:44:57: I don't even care if I offend anyone at this point: DHGF's review of Total Extreme Warfare '10 is embarrassing. I apologize to our readers.
  • 21:03:57: Well! Looks like I have another UTS ready to write itself! What a fucking job you've done with your latest business decision, EA/BioWare!
  • 21:16:34: @Samarecarm @hatsuyuki What... is the point of that link, exactly?
  • 21:19:38: I see the domain people are spamming me in snail mail now! No, you slimeballs, I will NOT move renaionline to your shitty business.
  • 21:21:05: Fucking Rangers game is on Versus. I can't watch Versus because they're not on DirecTV. Fuck everyone involved. Hard.
  • 21:21:51: Awesome, and both of the other games are awesome, but Canadian teams. No HD Hockey for me! Apparently, Canada's doesn't have HDTV.
  • 21:32:40: @twelveicings But they do SHOW these games in HD, right? Then why not in America! :(
  • 21:34:05: @hatsuyuki I have to find a way to scan this thing; I can't take a picture that's readable. But it's LOLriffic. XD
  • 21:52:25: @twelveicings Then why can't we get those feeds in America!? I can't even justify buying Centre Ice next year because of this.
  • 21:52:55: @twelveicings I mean, you have Centre Ice, right? Do you get US games in HD? TSN games should be in HD here, they're partnered with ESPN!
  • 21:55:24: I'm confused. Why are the Jets firing coaches after coming within two quarters of the Super Bowl?
  • 22:01:58: @sportsguy33 What!? You think he's going to do this in the NBA? Great college player, not athletic enough. Poor man's Spencer Hawes.
  • 22:03:11: RT @ErikaS981 Twitlonger: Imagine if every woman said "you have a girlfriend, I can't do that with you". Men can che http://tl.gd/5b392
  • 22:04:20: @ErikaS981 Which is funny, because a lot of guys I know that DO cheat won't go after women that are taken. We guys are strange.
  • 22:08:06: @BJaMsWorld Let me write the Nintendo piece first. My sleep schedule is brutally fucked (slept 16 hours after a weekend of hockey).
  • 22:08:43: @BJaMsWorld I don't even know where to start, to be completely honest with you. There's so much wrong, I'll have to use Twitlonger.
  • 22:12:00: @BJaMsWorld I didn't get to see them play RPI, but I did see Quinnipiac play someone else. They lost to RPI convincingly, though.
  • 22:15:52: Watching the Aussie Open. I like this Zheng Jie; fast, low mistake game. Not strong enough to take the Williams sisters, but she's good.
  • 23:06:03: This guy doesn't answer questions well, AND the product is in "acceptable" condition... maybe I should have waited until bidding.

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Jan. 26th, 2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
*shuffling through Google pages about EA / Bio Ware*

Which mistake is it this time?
Jan. 26th, 2010 01:01 pm (UTC)
If you purchase Mass Effect 2, there's a storefront accessible from the game called the Cerebus Network. This is where you're able to access and purchase DLC. However, you have to input a code for the Cerebus Network, a code that comes with the game.

If you don't have that code, or it was used (ie, you bought it new), don't fret! Because you can purchase a code! For $15!

That's right: in their efforts to combat used game sales, EA/BioWare is making people that purchase used pay $15 for the right to pay for DLC. Considering Mass Effect 1 had a very high-quality expansion (Touch the Sky), this is considerable, as I'm sure EA's marketing whores have figured out a way to make paid DLC nearly compulsory (like they did with NHL '10; if I want to be competitive online, I'd better fork up money for boost packs for my player).

The best part of this? People are already having massive problems with the codes. Once again, it's a case of the consumer being screwed by measures meant only to hurt people.
Jan. 26th, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
It's like they're acting exactly like the ingame cerebus network! (A shady human supremacist group)
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