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From Twitter 01-28-2010

  • 03:32:59: @pranheim Ultimate case of "too little, too late". What can people do to prevent this? Bullying is constant now because of social networking
  • 03:39:14: @jdeloma That's because Sarah Palin can't understand anything beyond "Run, Spot, Run"
  • 03:50:24: I love how companies do everything they can to destroy PC gaming, then blame the pirates because we don't want Big Brother watching #ubisoft
  • 03:56:07: http://bit.ly/d5kkfK - I'm going to keep linking shit like this until people start listening to me. #ipad
  • 04:01:20: http://bit.ly/9xHQLc - Interesting... Twitter's taking China and Iran head-on instead of going the Google/Yahoo (read: coward's) route.
  • 04:16:11: Now that I've gotten the SOTU: Obama can't fix anything. He's one man. And he's fighting the worst political climate this side of Zimbabwe.
  • 04:17:58: H's fighting both the Republicans who want to take him out, and the Democrats who are self serving and useless. Nov. is going to be fun.
  • 04:47:19: I have to review Physics Lab, write my UTS and have the PSN piece done when Sony updates. And you think this game writing business is easy!
  • 08:44:09: The past couple of years have made it almost official: America has ruined Japanese anime. Blame yourselves for all this Moe shit.
  • 09:47:21: @BJaMsWorld God of War.
  • 10:59:57: @twelveicings Short for moekko (budding girl). Basically, Lucky Star, K-On, Ouran High, etc. Basically a tool for loli freaks.
  • 11:01:09: I have errands that have to be run today. And it's snowing, icy, shitty, and to top it off, people are driving like maniacs. <33333
  • 11:31:10: @BJaMsWorld Darksiders. Bayonetta is essentially God of War + Devil May Cry + Tits.
  • 12:06:57: @WhitlockJason I notice a lot of popular critics only respond to negative things, though. No one pays attention to the positive feedback.
  • 12:18:48: The trade deadline in NHL '10 is amazing. Especially when I get called with "I'll send you Kovalchuk and Hutchinson for M. Koivu + Bernier"
  • 15:52:42: @WhitlockJason You can't say that! You wrote a totally serious and legitimate article with no humour or sarcasm. Those sources must be real!
  • 16:09:29: @Locs_n_Laughs That's a mistake... people don't know the level of predjudice gays will get once in platoons/on ships. Painful to say that.
  • 16:10:30: Aaaaaaaaanytime you're ready with your weekly PSN update, Sony. I have a fuckin' deadline to keep.
  • 16:12:18: I'd be more excited for the Megaman Zero collection if the Megaman Zero games didn't suck.
  • 16:27:30: @SPBowley Actually, I do. Have for years. Couldn't live without it.
  • 16:34:40: @SPBowley I can't. I have too many people piggybacking off of mine!
  • 16:36:32: Favourite part about NHL '10: Winning the Cup, and recognizing which veterans "won" their first Cup. "Congrats" to (cont) http://tl.gd/5pi67
  • 16:43:45: So Vancouver boycotted HNIC because of criticism against noted crybaby Alex Burrows? Nonsense. Worry about keeping 3rd in conference first.
  • 17:04:32: Winning a Cup is more fun when your last minute deadline led directly to it: CWG for Kovalchuk. #nhl10
  • 18:23:57: @twelveicings I could care less if I see players get interviewed, but I'm not a "fan". They're supposed to be above this petty horseshit.
  • 18:25:01: @BJaMsWorld Second franchise (Islanders). First franchise is still going, but a bug cost me a month + two key trades. This game is too buggy
  • 18:32:38: @BJaMsWorld This Islanders team might be even better than the Canucks, though. Second season team looks like this: (cont) http://tl.gd/5pr5o
  • 19:29:41: @jlist Maybe this explains Lucky Star's (otherwise inexplicable) popularity?
  • 19:46:40: You know what I want to see? An NHL Final between the Rangers and Flames. How many NBC executives would hang themselves?
  • 20:06:01: Thank you SO MUCH for getting out your Update on time, Sony! Only at 6:30! *gets caffeine* Go fuck yourselves.
  • 20:38:51: @twelveicings I think the team is trying to defend Burrows because he's young. Which is admirable in theory, but a dumb way of doing it.
  • 20:50:20: For everything I hate about Lucky Star, the OP is surprisingly catchy. Head-bobbingly catchy. Even if the anime sucks Greg Oden's horsecock.
  • 20:52:16: "For PS one games, I typically have the experience to go off of. (to give impressions)". Translation: ePSXe is my FRIEND.
  • 21:46:22: @Samarecarm Honey, I think I'm going to need some help tonight.
  • 22:20:05: @BJaMsWorld They're going about it all wrong. They're aiming casual, yet there are two sports games entrenched in the genre.
  • 22:20:27: @BJaMsWorld In short, I'd need to know the developer, but the only two football developers that matter have games already.
  • 22:21:00: @Samarecarm I just need you to look over Mark's piece. Make sure it's kosher. Don't worry about editing too hard; I'll take the heat...
  • 22:21:47: @Samarecarm if Alex is pissed because I edited Marks' piece hard last week, and it was an unmitigated disaster. Right now, I'm busy + tired.
  • 22:33:21: @BJaMsWorld I knew what I was doing. I had picked three goaltenders with a purpose: Osgood was my best rated (stil (cont) http://tl.gd/5qn2g
  • 22:44:41: @mrsdanahale How does one go from being a hippie to being a Libertarian? XD
  • 22:49:49: @brandonmorrow @WhitlockJason They don't teach spelling and punctuation at Yale?
  • 23:20:32: @sportsguy33 So bitter, you can't even swear properly lest the Mouse electroshock you. When do you get your balls back (contract over)?
  • 23:20:46: @twelveicings Phoenix has attendance!?
  • 23:57:11: @SPBowley Are Quinnipiac even D1?
  • 23:58:06: @twelveicings Hey, only one month until they panic-trade Kovalchuk!

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Jan. 29th, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC)
I don't mind the Megaman Zero games. Not sure why I don't, since they're unforgiving and generally hard as all Hell.
Jan. 29th, 2010 06:03 pm (UTC)
Sure you're not thinking of Megaman X?
Jan. 30th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
I can beat the piss out of the X games. Zero, on the other hand, has that grading system and whack-ass lack of real continues.
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