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From Twitter 01-29-2010

  • 00:03:25: @twelveicings Not to mention a UFA that wants $11m and is almost guaranteed to be going to the KHL for '11! 8D
  • 00:10:40: @twelveicings I like this reverse infusion going on with the NHL now. It's like the Russian Revolution from the 80s is being reversed! XD
  • 00:18:11: @twelveicings Wonder? I'm pretty convinced it is! Don't forget that most NHL salaries go into escrow, and a LOT of them go to the mafia.
  • 00:18:31: @twelveicings That's something you'll never hear Gary Bettman or Slava Fetisov talk about; they don't pay, their families die.
  • 00:37:59: http://bit.ly/ajzszv - Come see the fruits of my labour (ie: up past midnight writing about games every week) the Playstation Store update!
  • 01:16:11: @BJaMsWorld Pool play itself is good. AI is screwy. DLC PISSES ME OFF.
  • 01:31:33: @BJaMsWorld You CAN use just a name... if you run your own data servers, DNS servers, CNAME servers, etc.
  • 12:32:08: @PrincessiaLia Just FYI, I am completely unaffiliated with the French music group.
  • 12:33:19: @BJaMsWorld You could purchase it and use it as a redirector, yes. Though honestly, that sounds to me like a waste of ten dollars (annually)
  • 13:31:40: http://bit.ly/96cGIv - Uh oh... this one's gonna piss China off. Can't wait to see how Hillary talks her way out of this.
  • 13:39:14: @burning_phoneix My problem with this is that it's yet another American proxy war. We're not fighting, we're making THEM fight.
  • 13:42:38: All of a sudden, my workload is piling up. A review and a column to write, a game to look at, a review to look over (sorry, Psy), rough day.
  • 13:44:18: @burning_phoneix Bullshit. This is the 70s all over again, and Taiwan is Latin America.
  • 13:49:52: Deciding on a writing topic for tonight's UTS: write about the Cerebus Network, or Ubisoft's DRM?
  • 13:59:43: @Hesster56 I was going to draw a bigger parallel (see my staff board post), but I think you're right.
  • 13:59:59: @Hesster56 I think I'm going to shock the shit out of people with my thoughts on Ubisoft, though.
  • 14:18:17: http://bit.ly/dqIcBh - Chicks kissing? Hot. Chicks kissing in front of a Jesus Freak? Faptacular.
  • 14:24:21: @burning_phoneix In America, we call that "vanilla"!
  • 15:36:41: Kurt Warner should be in the Hall of Fame. There, I said it.
  • 15:45:48: I have a sudden urge - like a lustful desire - to play Persona 4. I think that's also indicative of what I think of Persona 3 (which I own)
  • 16:09:52: @Samarecarm No, there is "less serious", and then there is a review that could literally be posted on Twitter.
  • 16:18:27: http://bit.ly/davGA6 - Another good iPad rant by Nick Farrell. Are you toy fans getting this yet?
  • 16:30:05: Vince Wilfork has one chance to earn lifetime financial security for his family. Naturally, The Paying Fan™ hates him... but keeps paying.
  • 16:40:56: @Samarecarm I appreciate having people tell ME to shut the fuck up now. I'm as tired of this debate as anyone, but I'm also tired of...
  • 16:41:31: @Samarecarm being embarrassed. I wish Alex didn't put the "taking things less seriously" post up, especially considering the fact that...
  • 16:42:07: @Samarecarm apparently, the reason he put it up was because of the issue with my editing of Mark's review. We handled that like pros!
  • 16:42:21: @Samarecarm We're the LAST people Alex has to worry about (mainly because we beat each other up so much last year)
  • 16:45:23: @BJaMsWorld What do you mean by nicknames?
  • 16:48:14: Quickie Hustle Kings review: good game of pool, bad everything else.
  • 16:55:52: @BJaMsWorld "Target man" is not a nickname. That's a designation; a target man is someone who is a target for crosses (like Peter Crouch)
  • 16:56:57: @BJaMsWorld Really, CFs are just strikers; depending on their skillset and physical makeup, they can do different things.
  • 16:59:32: 240 bags of Oolong tea GET! Starting my second large cup. Oolong + honey = <3
  • 17:00:09: I also find myself strangely addicted to Vanilla Chai team + honey. Thanks to @Samarecarm for that~
  • 17:12:06: @Samarecarm According to Mark, it was significant. But it wasn't a blowup; he was not happy, but definitely didn't blow up.
  • 18:06:42: I find myself growing a little more excited about this week's UTS, even if I've essentially written this shit before.
  • 21:45:23: @hatsuyuki Are you kidding? I wouldn't leave the house for a week! XD
  • 21:47:42: @hatsuyuki God, I want to suck his dick. He's so manly~ <3
  • 21:47:59: @hatsuyuki Who really like breasts. 8D
  • 21:57:10: Bought a sushi cup + some Strawberry Kit-Kats from @jlist. I regret nothing~
  • 22:12:22: @butter_building Check LJ, it's up.
  • 23:15:55: http://bit.ly/a6jdQD - How is a British site able to pin American voters so accurately, while not stating the obvious truth (we're morons)?
  • 23:17:57: @BJaMsWorld Interesting idea, but there's so much more to it than people think. And it would need a total AI re-write.
  • 23:19:27: (That woman pictured in that article I liked? Holy shit. The true face of America. And America is *fucking hideous*)
  • 23:59:59: RT: @JVB: LMAO!!! RT @Frawlz: Twitter question! Do bi-sexual chicks like man boobs?

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Jan. 30th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
There are days that make me wish China would just hurry up, start the damn war already, let us kick their asses into the ground, change to a democratic government, and let the world get on with its life. Cold War has supposedly been over for almost twenty years. Why not catch up, China?

And that is the true face of America. It shops at my store every day.
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