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From Twitter 01-31-2010

  • 07:11:36: @BJaMsWorld Of course. But they also get it on BBC and Sky Sports. To be fair, we DO get HD football on ESPN.
  • 07:12:47: @motherpucker 12
  • 07:14:04: Evaluating hockey games is excruciating. Especially when you have to do it in the coldest rinks in the state.
  • 07:26:20: This is new: my knees are sore. I hope this doesn't become a regular problem, especially for a guy my size.
  • 07:35:41: Writing DHGF's S-4 entry for Legend of Dragoon is making me angry, because I had to bring up modern JRPGs and their moeness. &#%@!
  • 08:49:47: @burning_phoneix BZZZT! Magna Carta 2 had towns, and plays in 1080!
  • 12:33:21: @twelveicings the WHAT?!
  • 12:35:04: I need to stop checking Twitter before reading the news. #phaneuf
  • 12:42:18: Both Calgary and Toronto addressed their problems. Calgary used a position of strength (def) to address their scoring issues.

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