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From Twitter 02-02-2010

  • 08:37:57: @BJaMsWorld They're not shit if you can get used to them. The NHL '94 controls are very limiting. You should work to learn them.
  • 08:47:06: @twelveicings God damnit.
  • 09:15:26: @libertyideals He has the money to do it. What about the poor fucks that don't?
  • 09:16:34: While I can't stand Olli Jokinen, he's expiring, and I can dig that. Furthermore, we kept Brandon Prust. Happy trees.
  • 09:31:36: http://bit.ly/aqG0ne - ANOTHER case of parents screwing a HS coach. Parents are destroying HS sports they way they did youth sports.
  • 09:41:07: @BJaMsWorld Somehow, you got two top-flight talents, and two outstanding prospects; good work on getting Stamkos! (cont) http://tl.gd/6kaau
  • 09:41:33: OK, I've fucked off long enough. Time to read some review submissions before I go work out.
  • 10:10:07: The Schuler issue bothers me. Parents! Stay out of varsity sports! They are a meritocracy! You are ruining HS sports.
  • 10:10:57: What's worse for HS coaches is that more programmes are going pay-to-play. How can a coach keep control when kids are paying for their spot?
  • 10:32:45: @BJaMsWorld One question: was this with the latest roster update, or an earlier one? You might want to try the latest update if you haven't.
  • 11:37:59: @burning_phoneix Oh, I believe it. That's a revenue stream for them; anyone they would want, they already have in Spain.
  • 12:13:02: @sportsguy Sacramento. That's a lot to give up.
  • 12:22:22: OUCH! Namco Bandai got it's asses kicked; $129m in losses over nine months, and 10% workforce cut. That's... unsustainable.
  • 12:22:53: On the one hand, I want to say "that's what you get" for their obscene release and DLC policies. On the other, they have to make $ SOMEHOW.
  • 16:20:14: http://bit.ly/9D2e5Y - I've known these things for a few weeks now. How is this tosser JUST finding out, after not checking his sources?
  • 16:23:50: RT: @SPBowley: Latest SPB High School Sports blogpost: A Midseason's Mess: Schuler Out at Lauralton Hall http://bit.ly/c64iDT #ctgb
  • 16:29:03: @SPBowley Here's a question: is Laurelton Hall pay-to-play? It's hard for a coach to control anything when money is involved.
  • 16:44:57: @SPBowley We (coached @ Trumbull, 2 yrs) can't do our jobs if the parents are over our shoulders and in an AD's ear. Simple as that.
  • 16:53:10: Putting a visor on my hockey helmet makes me look like a massive dork.
  • 16:59:07: @twelveicings Yes, but I still look like a dork! :(
  • 17:03:40: @twelveicings ... You suck. XD
  • 17:08:56: HOO-BOY. 1 hour and 30 minute drive, both ways, three days in a row. Add another hour to get there in a timely manner. I <3 this game!
  • 17:09:19: @twelveicings That is not true! I AM taken, you know. XD
  • 17:25:29: @twelveicings I joke about a lot of things! XD (Though, now that you mention it... *SHOT*) XD
  • 18:07:11: @jim_sterling THIS was the big announcement? That there's yet another game you guys can't review objectively?
  • 18:16:42: Backed out of the Ovie trade; too much salary hit. But Perron and A. Pleskanic for Patrick Kane? AHAHAHAHA *YOINK* (Cap hit: extra $1m)
  • 18:17:28: @jim_sterling Well, are you guys a news site, or what? How can you be journalists if you're tying yourselves to games like this?
  • 18:20:41: @colonelxanders Read the last paragraph of that update, though. This isn't just one game.
  • 18:35:12: @jim_sterling Then... what are you? I'm legitimately curious, I'm not taking the piss.
  • 18:44:45: @BJaMsWorld He's worth another player. You're strong up front; let me look at your team again, and I'll think of something I'd do.
  • 19:11:01: @BJaMsWorld I set mine to authentic. That way, if shit like that happens, it at least evens-up.
  • 19:24:15: @BJaMsWorld You said that goalie had a B-; A-, maybe, but even then, Corey Schneider is still only an 83 (though (cont) http://tl.gd/6maim
  • 19:25:56: @BJaMsWorld The former tends to have higher offensive skills, esp. deflections and shot power. Grinders are checkers and face-off aces.
  • 19:26:49: @BJaMsWorld For what it's worth, grinders also tend to have a lower peak, talent-wise. Think Kyle Okposo vs. Alex Steen.
  • 19:30:09: @Samarecarm Hey, are you going to be able to get on AIM tonight? I haven't talked to you in awhile. And this weekend's HOLY FUCK BUSY
  • 19:54:37: @BJaMsWorld GRAB IT AND DO NOT LOOK BACK.
  • 20:15:29: Any readers of Superbusnet.com's RSS feed: prepare for an explosion sometime tomorrow. I'll be uploading old DHGF pieces.
  • 21:00:59: @jdeloma By what, taking the "news" out of Fox News? They're influential because people are too stupid to actually read into the news.
  • 21:36:46: @Samarecarm OK, but you might want to be quick. I'm getting tired. :(
  • 23:11:48: @SPBowley It's just like you said: zipper city. It looks to me like they're trying to snow over some tracks.
  • 23:39:45: Dear scheduler: Please give me my schedule for Saturday and Sunday as well. I would like to know when I have to start my 90 min. drive.

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Feb. 3rd, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC)
*dusts off RSS feed* Okay, got that ready to go again.

And ... Namco Bandai losing more money than Squaresoft lost on The Spirits Within? Ouch. Big ouch. What affects them also affects Banpresto! D-: They could easily turn off the SRW spigot if they decided profit was at stake.
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