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From Twitter 02-04-2010

  • 11:14:18: @twelveicings I feel dirty. She looks like a whore. Seriously. Who the hell approved that!?
  • 14:01:34: Good work, Sega. Making Sonic 4 DLC/Episodic means you at least don't have to see it go to the bargain bin within a week of it failing.
  • 14:43:59: @dmataconis But then how do you combat corporations buying elections, Boss-style? They are not people, they are (international) corporations
  • 15:05:20: @dmataconis Might lose my Lib card for this, but here's my question: will that make a difference? Or will people keep watching Jon + Kate?
  • 15:14:35: @dmataconis By saying that, you're saying that the smart people get the government the morons deserve. How do we educate the people?
  • 15:15:00: @dmataconis (And by "educate", I don't mean "scream like an idiot at a town hall meeting because of something Hannity said")
  • 15:18:20: @Samarecarm Just remember that Alex is a little bit stressed since Google News came aboard. It's OK, hon.
  • 15:21:11: @dmataconis But it's the stupid people putting these morons into government. It's a catch-22, especially when the people are so malleable
  • 15:28:10: @dmataconis So how did we get here? We have two parties attacking our liberties, the people are too dumb to notice, when did this happen?
  • 16:51:17: How many zombie games have been released in the past year? 4000? Pick a new thing to beat into the ground, developers.
  • 16:53:12: For the record: I pray to God that Sonic 4 bombs, so we never have to see another shitty Sonic game again. I've grown to hate the cocksucker
  • 17:09:42: I have two columns to write before I go to bed tonight. I think tonight's going to cost me $.84 in stamps.
  • 17:11:08: @twelveicings Wait, wha? What happened?
  • 17:20:00: @BJaMsWorld Because I'd burn out like a candle in a wind tunnel, that's why. As of right now, I have two columns (cont) http://tl.gd/71mif
  • 17:20:41: @twelveicings And this is Iggy's fault? Dion is notorious for being a head case. Has been since his rookie year.
  • 17:22:52: RT: @OldHossRadbourn: These image archives are delightful. Raise your tot of rum to @MatthewLaWell for passing them along http://j.mp/9tWzgu
  • 18:33:14: @BJaMsWorld Yes, it happens; Man U did it in their famous '99 Champion's League win (Schmeichel has scored before) http://bit.ly/9kmtdA
  • 18:33:48: @BJaMsWorld As for FIFA/PES, I don't think you can. But Football Manager, if you're attacking late, it does so automatically.
  • 19:15:03: @Samarecarm No, I have to find a way to handle this without getting you involved again...
  • 19:15:58: @BJaMsWorld That might be the case, though honestly? I don't see tonight's piece being that good. I simply don't have the time.
  • 19:21:55: @EverythingAnime ??? What does an almost year old baseball series have to do with anime?
  • 19:23:04: Important lesson: it is hard to type an article over a plate of food.
  • 19:25:20: Ugh... this week's PSN update has a shitload of demos. God damnit. I have to be up too early tomorrow for this shit.
  • 19:31:51: @Samarecarm I DO need the help, but I can't keep asking for help...
  • 19:36:54: @BJaMsWorld If I didn't have to be up at 7 tomorrow, I'd be set.
  • 19:40:47: @Samarecarm Know how you can help? You can get on AIM. I want to talk to my soulmate before I go to ref this weekend. <3
  • 19:43:25: So Mike Dunleavy is out as coach of the Clippers, but is still the GM. Amazing. He's Isiah without the smile, but is still employed.
  • 20:02:58: @BJaMsWorld 1) Bayern Munich (German team), 2) the Champion's League final, which is the most prestigious club championship in the world.
  • 20:03:27: The Devils got Kovalchuk? Uh oh...
  • 20:32:49: @BJaMsWorld They're having a tournament in Sheffield, MA starting on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I live in Derby, CT (90 min drive)
  • 20:50:54: @thelostlolli Do what I do: specifically set up groups around these people, so they can't see your updates. XD
  • 20:51:54: This UTS is going to SUCK. :(
  • 22:02:58: @thelostlolli Point. XD That reminds me, do you still have a "no online friend" policy on FB?
  • 22:38:56: @BJaMsWorld They need a goaltender. Jimmy Howard is not the answer.
  • 22:49:08: @BJaMsWorld $700 for a weekend's worth of work? Bet your ass it is.
  • 22:49:47: @BJaMsWorld He's has consistency issues. He's been OK this year, but his track record sucks, and he's not a shut-down goaltender.
  • 22:53:22: @twelveicings He could be. Remember, he's young.

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Feb. 5th, 2010 02:26 pm (UTC)

The morons have all of the same options for becoming educated as the rest of us, but, despite that, they choose to not be educated. IMO, this means they have opted for self-destruction and are deserving of all the bad things that happen to them.
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