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From Twitter 02-05-2010

  • 00:23:42: @BJaMsWorld It sucks! No! Bad!
  • 00:35:21: @WhalerWatch So that's why Ilya Shanahan... I mean, Brendan Kovalcoffey... I mean, uh... ah, fuck it.
  • 00:37:03: RT: @jlist: We're Really Funny About Nudity In This Country http://bit.ly/duqY3Y <- the comment by kingmaniac is so totally true
  • 01:47:57: I'm 30 years old, and I still cannot spell Massachusetts properly on the first try. I fail.
  • 01:54:18: @SPBowley Thank God for Firefox's spell check. My editor would kill me without it.
  • 02:30:21: http://bit.ly/9NSGCg - Our wrap-up of the Playstation Store's update is up! Considering the circumstances, I was pretty thorough!
  • 09:13:09: @BJaMsWorld I do. And the whole REASON he wouldn't resign was because the team is likely to move due to bad support.
  • 09:13:49: @BJaMsWorld In other words, it's Brendan Shanahan/Paul Coffey all over again with Atlanta. #whalers #getbalsilieonthephone
  • 22:10:40: Is *anything* in northwestern Connecticut open past 10pm!?
  • 22:12:48: @thelostlolli I am pleased at the very least that I was a model male in Aileen's dorms! *preens*

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