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Another Year, Another Open Love Letter

Dear Aileen,

As I write this, it's officially our four year anniversary. It's almost hard to believe we've made it four years, but really, it hasn't felt like it. My mind boggles that we've hit four of them, actually; it's felt like so little time, and 2006 feels both so far away and yet so close. We're both ostensibly the same people we were on this day four years ago, but everything's changed for the better. We communicate better, we talk about more, we address issues that come up easier... we've gotten so much stronger as a couple over the past four years, with very few hiccups. It just goes to show that we really, truly are soulmates, love.

This is the first year we've had significant friction in our relationship; at times, our lack of ability to see each other has depressed the living hell out of me, especially when combined with life's other stressors. However, if anything, I think it's made our relationship that much stronger; it's shown us that it's not always a fairy tale, and that sometimes, we're going to struggle. I think we've handled this change admirably for the most part, and if anything, it gives me even further hope that we're going to hold on for the long run, and be strong enough to prove your parents wrong, at the very least.

I love you, sweetie. You're truly my soulmate, and the woman I want to marry. I love that you feel that you can express yourself to me, and fight what you've been conditioned to do for your entire life, which is to hold things in. Never be afraid to tell me anything, honey; I truly love and adore you, and because of that, I want to help you with life's problems, because your problems are also mine. That's what being a couple is about, dear. Never think that I'm going to just drop you because of anything; I think that's what holds you up a lot of the time. I've said I want to marry you; that much is true. Just remember that "in sickness AND in health", as well as "for richer AND for poorer" are part of the (non-denominational) wedding vows, honey. I take those seriously, and will especially do so once I'm able to put a ring on your finger.

The longer we're together, the more I appreciate what you are to me. Absence has definitely made my heart grow fonder. I pray that we're able to finally see each other in a couple of weeks, and that we're able to see each other many times to come in the future. Most of all, I pray... no, I believe that we're going to reach the point where we can be together for the rest of our lives. I want to be the best man for you that I can be, for the rest of our lives.

Every step of them.

I love you, honey. Happy fourth anniversary, love.



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Feb. 10th, 2010 01:11 pm (UTC)
Bus x Hinata -- My OTP. XD ♥

Congratulations for making it this far, both of you. As an outsider looking in on your relationship, it truly seems that you bring out the best in each other; if any couple out there can overcome their obstacles, it's you two. I wish you all the best! :3
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