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From Twitter 02-10-2010

  • 00:05:42: Now that it's officially time... happy 4th anniversary, Aileen. I love you. My soulmate. <3
  • 00:07:32: @motherpucker I love that three "high" seeds made the semis. XD
  • 00:12:59: @Psymin1 The trade! They got back a back of pucks! Chipped ones at that!
  • 14:49:28: @jim_sterling Do sites get different embargoes depending on size? We had one date for a game, and it was after IGN's piece (8.4) went up.
  • 14:53:17: @burning_phoneix It's the interview Alex did that's linked off of Wikipedia for GameFAN.
  • 14:56:41: @jim_sterling "ONLY" A 7!? BLASPHEMY! YOU WHORE! ANOTHER JEFF GERSTMA-- Wait, you said it was good? I'M SO CONFUSED ;_;
  • 14:59:32: @jim_sterling Dirty question time: how often are good scores linked to said dates, like that Ubisoft game you mentioned?
  • 15:09:52: http://bit.ly/ccUIJr - It's official: NCAA Basketball 2011 is cancelled. I'll pick up '10 if that price ever comes down (still $60? Fuck no)
  • 15:10:37: @SPBowley Reminds me of next week's Trumbull vs. St. Joes hockey game. The last one was worse on and off the ice.
  • 15:12:55: Heavy Rain is being what I predicted: some love it, some don't like it, and most reviewers are idiots. I'm getting too good at this.
  • 15:19:15: http://bit.ly/dla72J - So some people won't play shooters without a mouse + board. Others play a PC game with a controller. So confused! :'(
  • 15:29:10: This snow "storm" wins the February '10 Greg Oden Award for Most Overrated Happening.
  • 15:33:08: @burning_phoneix You haven't even played it yet!
  • 16:33:52: @PublicPowerLLC Roads are clear. Hell, I'd even say the kids could have gone to school on a delay.
  • 17:19:54: Dear weathermen: you idiots cost a lot of people a lot of money today. Why are you all paid again?
  • 18:20:00: RT: @ValleyIndy: RT @davewiner: Google Buzz Has A Huge Privacy Flaw. And it's not even slightly subtle. http://r2.ly/xdhj
  • 18:26:46: @jim_sterling Hey! At least when I say that, my tongue's firmly planted in cheek! :(
  • 18:32:10: Thank God Alex is doing the Heavy Rain review. After the shit that Sterling's taking for giving it a 7 (7!), I'm glad to avoid this storm.
  • 18:34:17: Hey, what's that coming down the ramp? GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! THAT'S BURNOUT'S MUSIC!
  • 18:36:58: Just one question: how can people be so upset about a review of a game that isn't out yet?
  • 18:39:44: @ValleyIndy Cool, so we don't need weathermen! It's official!
  • 18:43:38: Finished SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3. Review up tonight, but it's a good PSP shooter. Adjusts for it's limitations well.
  • 19:44:36: @jephjacques Disqualified! Dolemite is too awesome to be included in Bad Movie Night.
  • 19:51:14: Played Fight Night Round 4 for the first time in a long time... why is it impossible to throw high hooks/uppercuts on command?
  • 19:55:52: RT: @libertyideals: The Tea Party Protests Are Merely A Sham #libertarian http://bit.ly/94pgWR
  • 20:02:08: Just a note to all readers of @diehardgamefan that I will be taking over tonight's XBox Download Wrap-Up. However, it will be up late.
  • 20:24:10: @jim_sterling KEGA Fusion. You're going to need BIOS files. Want me to send 'em?
  • 23:24:33: @jlist Haman, definitely. But what about Rezin? She was very strong.
  • 23:41:30: @jlist Really, I would put Emma in the "strong" category if she didn't spend half her time getting blown up by (cont) http://tl.gd/8a1at
  • 23:53:16: Oh my God. I think we're going to start a shitshow. DHGF is going to have the only truly honest review of No More Heroes 2 on the net.

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Feb. 11th, 2010 02:30 pm (UTC)
And I can only do the FPS thing if have either 1) a keyboard and no mouse (i.e. Doom), or 2) a 360 controller. This may be why I have purchased no new FPS games since the last Timesplitters.

Rezin does fit the mold of a strong character, albeit one who is brave to the point of being reckless, but she had the misfortune of being in a one-shot movie directed by Tomino. That increases mortality by about 200%.

Emma is easily the strongest of the female U.C. pilots, at least before the time skip separating the period up to Char's Counterattack from the period including F91 and V Gundam. During that period, Cecily Fairchild (post-F91) and Katejina Loos are the aces, though not necessarily for the hero team.
Feb. 11th, 2010 08:27 pm (UTC)
Like I told Peter, while Emma was strong, and by far the best developed character, I can't really call her super strong when she spends half her 51 episodes getting pinballed around by the Newtypes. Even as far as non-newtypes go, she's strong, but I don't know if she was that much stronger than Lila Milla Rira, and she certainly paled compared to other strong non-Newtype pilots like Yazan.
Feb. 11th, 2010 09:37 pm (UTC)
This is because Yazan is a psychopath who is about as dangerous to his own side (ask Jamaican!) as he is to his enemies. :-) (Deleted and reposted due to spelling.)
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