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From Twitter 02-11-2010

  • 00:08:03: @jlist Yes, but it worked! She had a lover's look in her eye when he died! You know... just before she bought it from shrapnel. Anticlimax!
  • 00:51:27: Sneak preview of my 360 article: stay the fuck away from the Sonic Racing game. It's AWFUL.
  • 03:00:24: http://bit.ly/b7RNam - Oh, yeah. I wrote a review on a game called Physics Lab. I don't see myself taking another Indies game again.
  • 05:17:52: http://bit.ly/cr6bwU - WOW... I can't really explain how HUGE this is to the layman. No more canned footage in MLB: The Show!
  • 05:30:04: Google Buzz is officially Google's first major, catastrophic fuck-up.
  • 15:16:21: @WhitlockJason I mean, hell. I don't like to sleep with black people OR white people. What does that make me, other than ricist? (<3 Asians)
  • 15:19:00: Idon't understand the John Mayer mess. I don't like sleeping with black OR white women, where's MY fucking controversy?
  • 15:22:49: @JSpecialties Satire, bitch. Do you know it?
  • 16:39:17: @SPBowley So where is this "controversial" finish? Is there video with context?
  • 16:42:57: @SPBowley Everything that I'm reading shows he was right; the time-out is considered called once the coach calls it. The right call was made
  • 16:58:09: Reports of layoffs at studios that Activision took over (via G4: http://bit.ly/9TO2qn This is by a company that did "well". #evilempire
  • 17:08:05: @JVB I can't wait, but this is killing me. I have to play it before I can put my PSN piece up. There goes my night.
  • 17:32:41: RT this if you think you and your mate should be nice to each other the other 364 days as well!
  • 18:27:56: The music in Hustle Kings annoys the shit out of me.
  • 18:33:51: So, tell me, people of Twitter and Facebook: Sade's Soldier of Love. Is it a purchase?
  • 18:54:37: I'm going to be working on a special for the top ten iPhone games soon for @diehardgamefan. Any recs from iPhone users?
  • 18:55:32: So far, I'm including StickWars, Cartoon Wars: Gunner, Toki Tori, Zenonia and Vay. Any other recs are encouraged!
  • 19:22:25: @SPBowley No, 78% of GOP leaders follow orders well.
  • 19:27:40: @jdeloma "We'll give you all the interns you can handle, Billy-Boy, not get your ass out there!"
  • 19:30:15: Looking at an Esquire survey of GOP "leaders". I love how the one that everyone wants to evict from the GOP is the one with sense (O. Snowe)
  • 19:33:30: FINALLY, the Heavy Rain demo is out for people that didn't want to pretend they were Phoenix Wright to get the early one. Jesus.
  • 19:35:01: @mozactly Wait, are they really that long? If I drive from Pine Rock to SHS, it's about 15 minutes.
  • 19:53:50: First Raiden IV, then Chrono Cross. It's a video game soundtrack kinda night.
  • 22:07:06: @mozactly Are any wires hitting the fan?
  • 22:07:49: Heavy Rain, so far, plays like a game developed by movie makers who don't like videogames, but had to put in interactive elements.
  • 22:08:24: In short: it plays like an evolutionary Dragon's Lair and Space Age.
  • 22:39:51: If I play your movie/game, and my first instinct is to shut off English dubs as if I was watching anime, you fucked up on voice casting.
  • 23:11:17: @Psymin1 I thought the detective was well done. The FBI agent? The guy you fight as the agent? They're awful.
  • 23:35:42: @twelveicings With as much snow as they're getting, that might just happen! XD
  • 23:39:32: PC gamers: make sure to pick up Mount & Blade for $5 on Steam. I wasn't high on it, but it's absolutely worth five bucks.
  • 23:41:16: @twelveicings Calm down! Breathe! Breathe! Remember the Lamaze class!
  • 23:50:18: http://bit.ly/aKZlGK - It's strange. This has me excited for the new Super Robot Taisen game. And I didn't like the first one that much!
  • 23:55:15: HA! The NBA on TNT announcers just referred to their All Star sponsor as "Final Fantasy VIII", not XIII. Nice sponsorship choice, Squeenix!!

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Feb. 12th, 2010 12:18 pm (UTC)
(Talking about Emma and Henken, I assume? You can tell from the tone of her voice how devastated she is when he bites the dust.)

Final Fantasy VIII instead? LOL. Good publicity, though eleven years too late.
Feb. 12th, 2010 06:25 pm (UTC)
Wtf the TNT announcers can't read Roman numerals? I bet it was Charles Barkley.
jk. it was one of the white dudes wasn't it

Feb. 12th, 2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
It was the play by play of the Nuggets vs. Spurs game.
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