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From Twitter 02-11-2010

  • 00:08:03: @jlist Yes, but it worked! She had a lover's look in her eye when he died! You know... just before she bought it from shrapnel. Anticlimax!
  • 00:51:27: Sneak preview of my 360 article: stay the fuck away from the Sonic Racing game. It's AWFUL.
  • 03:00:24: http://bit.ly/b7RNam - Oh, yeah. I wrote a review on a game called Physics Lab. I don't see myself taking another Indies game again.
  • 05:17:52: http://bit.ly/cr6bwU - WOW... I can't really explain how HUGE this is to the layman. No more canned footage in MLB: The Show!
  • 05:30:04: Google Buzz is officially Google's first major, catastrophic fuck-up.
  • 15:16:21: @WhitlockJason I mean, hell. I don't like to sleep with black people OR white people. What does that make me, other than ricist? (<3 Asians)
  • 15:19:00: Idon't understand the John Mayer mess. I don't like sleeping with black OR white women, where's MY fucking controversy?
  • 15:22:49: @JSpecialties Satire, bitch. Do you know it?
  • 16:39:17: @SPBowley So where is this "controversial" finish? Is there video with context?
  • 16:42:57: @SPBowley Everything that I'm reading shows he was right; the time-out is considered called once the coach calls it. The right call was made
  • 16:58:09: Reports of layoffs at studios that Activision took over (via G4: http://bit.ly/9TO2qn This is by a company that did "well". #evilempire
  • 17:08:05: @JVB I can't wait, but this is killing me. I have to play it before I can put my PSN piece up. There goes my night.
  • 17:32:41: RT this if you think you and your mate should be nice to each other the other 364 days as well!
  • 18:27:56: The music in Hustle Kings annoys the shit out of me.
  • 18:33:51: So, tell me, people of Twitter and Facebook: Sade's Soldier of Love. Is it a purchase?
  • 18:54:37: I'm going to be working on a special for the top ten iPhone games soon for @diehardgamefan. Any recs from iPhone users?
  • 18:55:32: So far, I'm including StickWars, Cartoon Wars: Gunner, Toki Tori, Zenonia and Vay. Any other recs are encouraged!
  • 19:22:25: @SPBowley No, 78% of GOP leaders follow orders well.
  • 19:27:40: @jdeloma "We'll give you all the interns you can handle, Billy-Boy, not get your ass out there!"
  • 19:30:15: Looking at an Esquire survey of GOP "leaders". I love how the one that everyone wants to evict from the GOP is the one with sense (O. Snowe)
  • 19:33:30: FINALLY, the Heavy Rain demo is out for people that didn't want to pretend they were Phoenix Wright to get the early one. Jesus.
  • 19:35:01: @mozactly Wait, are they really that long? If I drive from Pine Rock to SHS, it's about 15 minutes.
  • 19:53:50: First Raiden IV, then Chrono Cross. It's a video game soundtrack kinda night.
  • 22:07:06: @mozactly Are any wires hitting the fan?
  • 22:07:49: Heavy Rain, so far, plays like a game developed by movie makers who don't like videogames, but had to put in interactive elements.
  • 22:08:24: In short: it plays like an evolutionary Dragon's Lair and Space Age.
  • 22:39:51: If I play your movie/game, and my first instinct is to shut off English dubs as if I was watching anime, you fucked up on voice casting.
  • 23:11:17: @Psymin1 I thought the detective was well done. The FBI agent? The guy you fight as the agent? They're awful.
  • 23:35:42: @twelveicings With as much snow as they're getting, that might just happen! XD
  • 23:39:32: PC gamers: make sure to pick up Mount & Blade for $5 on Steam. I wasn't high on it, but it's absolutely worth five bucks.
  • 23:41:16: @twelveicings Calm down! Breathe! Breathe! Remember the Lamaze class!
  • 23:50:18: http://bit.ly/aKZlGK - It's strange. This has me excited for the new Super Robot Taisen game. And I didn't like the first one that much!
  • 23:55:15: HA! The NBA on TNT announcers just referred to their All Star sponsor as "Final Fantasy VIII", not XIII. Nice sponsorship choice, Squeenix!!

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Feb. 12th, 2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
It was the play by play of the Nuggets vs. Spurs game.