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From Twitter 02-12-2010

  • 00:06:26: @twelveicings What? They actually fucking scored?
  • 00:07:24: Uh oh. Mount Maas is looking a little smokey...
  • 02:50:00: @jlist And they wonder why we pirate.
  • 02:51:18: It's official: I cannot throw a high hook in FNR4. Looks like I'm going back to Gamestop tomorrow. The game is broken.
  • 03:07:55: @Aitherion It seems like everyone that was in the first game is playable. Plus Momo from Xenosaga. And a few lolis.
  • 03:44:32: @jlist Nah, they just basically call each other wankers, before becoming too drunk to talk coherently.
  • 03:58:05: I have THREE pieces of content up on DHGF right not, including a SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 review and both download pieces. Check 'em out!
  • 04:07:25: So NIS America is licensing anime now? And starting with Toradora! ... Interesting. Especially for a company that took a financial beating.
  • 04:20:08: @Aitherion If you're talking about the furry gay cat, yes. :(
  • 04:20:31: @Aitherion And the fact that I've had to put those words into a sentence in that context makes me feel like less of a person today.
  • 04:22:52: @Aitherion The awesome moves are what do the game for me. And this game has a LOT more moves. Like, almost ten-fold.
  • 14:59:59: @Psymin1 I say start Osgood. Better in the playoffs, AND we see how Howard handles the adversity.
  • 15:00:43: @dmataconis I feel like shit that I'm one of the other 25%.
  • 15:02:14: @hatsuyuki Look at those fingers!
  • 15:04:50: @keithlaw I wish I could be more like Maddux and Glavine. :'(
  • 15:12:20: @dmataconis I have the same opinion of women in combat zones. The military is NOT where you force social changes. Too distracting.
  • 15:26:07: Oh well, time to go to work... have to find something I like about Hustle Kings.
  • 15:53:33: Try as I might, I can't consider NCAA Basketball '10 a good game. If anything, it makes me want to go out and get College Hoops 2K8.
  • 16:09:46: @Psymin1 That's all the Blackhawks got for Barker!?
  • 16:11:29: Hustle Kings' AI is retarded. There's no basis on skill; they'll make amazing shots on easy, then the next shot flub an easy one. Stupid.
  • 16:11:49: I call this "Mortal Kombat Syndrome"; the game becomes cheaper the higher the difficulty goes, NOT better.
  • 16:16:39: @Psymin1 The demo has me pitching fits. Has for months. Live is a much, MUCH better game of basketball.
  • 18:32:13: After last night, the last thing I want to do is write. Fuck it, UTS will go up late-ish.
  • 19:58:06: During the Olympics, I will not be sending my Tweets to Facebook. Don't need the drama.
  • 20:08:19: RT: @MAACSports: Underway on ESPN2 with Siena at Niagara. Siena riding longest win streak in nation.

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