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From Twitter 02-13-2010

  • 02:23:10: @dmataconis The ones that follow me use programmes with strong search functions and auto-followers. I would say no. :(
  • 02:28:23: @SPBowley Hey, we're famous for being low-key. Didn't want to surprise anyone!
  • 02:29:30: @Samarecarm When they evicted thousands of people native to the area to poorer regions, I should hope it's better!
  • 03:14:54: @twelveicings That's why mine's awesome. I haven't touched it in so long, I think Kate's still in my interests. XD
  • 04:03:25: Nice trade for Jody Shelley, Rangers. Too bad he and Brashear combined still aren't as good as Colton Orr.
  • 06:46:03: @dekunda Really, everyone kinda forgets that MM1-8 were also very good (though 7 wasn't the best)
  • 18:40:33: Evaluating referees sucks until you find a kid with some real talent. That's when it gets fun.
  • 19:15:25: For anyone saying the opening ceremonies in China were better, a reminder: no Canadians were displaced to make the Olympics "look" good.
  • 20:16:12: That's right. We're BACK, bitches. #teamcanada

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Feb. 14th, 2010 04:14 pm (UTC)
Are you kidding? Classic Mega Man was the bomb. ... Except for 7 and 8, IMO, but they were still very good. Very few things can touch the original sextet, though.
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