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From Twitter 02-15-2010

  • 00:07:10: @SPBowley I didn't even know it was Ellsbury's job to "support" the CT program. Calhoun should be fortunate most reporters are scared of him
  • 00:16:40: @SPBowley You're right. He's also known for this crap, which is partly why reporters treat him with kid gloves. Don't want to lose access!
  • 00:16:59: @SPBowley Well, shit. I might actually have to listen to Jason (or at least DL the podcast)
  • 01:19:02: @twelveicings Don't forget he still lives with his boss! XD
  • 01:19:27: @twelveicings "Honey, don't make too much noise, you'll wake up Mr. Lemieux!"
  • 01:38:23: This weekend, I bought NCAA Football '09, Madden '09 and College Hoops 2K8. For my lesser sports, I'm rocking with older games!
  • 14:27:18: Awesome work by Evan Bayh, cowarding out like Chris Dodd one day before his party can put forth a replacement candidate. Piece of shit.
  • 14:27:49: What's sad is that the rest of the Democratic Party is just as much of a coward. That's how a 59-41 majority becomes useless.
  • 14:34:55: Even before reading @JPosnanski's piece, I can say this: anyone who thinks Frank Thomas isn't a Hall of Famer deserves to lose their vote.
  • 14:35:58: Seriously, I want to see a big name lose his ballot because 95% decided they wouldn't vote for someone 1st ballot. It'd kill a shit system.
  • 18:36:03: Thanks to NBC for shifting the Canada vs. Switzerland to MSNBC and not putting it in HD. Also, I can't watch it anywhere else. #fuckyoutoo
  • 19:20:42: @jim_sterling And either way, they don't realize *the game isn't out yet*. How can anyone love or hate it other than you and a few others?
  • 19:35:10: @jlist While everyone else talks about the Moe bubble "bursting", you up your Moe products. It's nothing if not bold!
  • 20:26:17: @twelveicings So, how badly are the Olympics fucking up your daily life? Are they affecting Coquitlam?
  • 20:27:26: Just switched on UNC vs. Virginia Women's BB on ESPN2. Is Virginia doing something for breast cancer? What's with the pink?
  • 20:45:32: http://bit.ly/ag2ssK - Evan Bayh for PRESIDENT!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • 21:33:18: Something startling about Canada's 18-0 killing of Slovakia: Slovakia is the team that won a game 82-0. That's where IIHF Women's Hockey is.
  • 21:34:55: @jephjacques What do you do at times when your creativity is gone? I have real problems with my writing when I have to dig deep for motivat.
  • 22:11:10: RT @widro: Wwe raw - now with 100% more midget sex references (Why I no longer watch WWF/E - Bus)
  • 22:15:45: "I really don't like being mainstream with Linux for some reason. Should I stick with Ubuntu? Why should I use it over Debian?" LOL
  • 22:20:52: @WhitlockJason Bobby Knight is clueless? THAT one needs an explanation.
  • 22:21:10: I don't wanna do this fucking download piece.
  • 23:01:11: Rewatching Canada vs. Slovakia. Something unnoticed before: Cammi Granato subtly yet definitively putting a cut into Ben Smith's coaching.
  • 23:14:32: Dear Canadian Women: You do not do yourselves any favours when you're trying to work out penalty shots in a 15-0 game.
  • 23:20:05: So UCONN won. That means Calhoun will apologize to Chris Ellsbury, right? Right?

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Feb. 17th, 2010 01:09 pm (UTC)
A joke about Roddy Piper goes in here somewhere.
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