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From Twitter 02-17-2010

  • 00:55:13: @motherpucker You hate McGuire and Kyprios, I hate Roenick and Milbury. Both countries suck at broadcasting!
  • 01:12:24: @SPBowley No one's beating the Canadiens anyway. #ourgame
  • 01:45:43: 6-1? OK, fuck this noise. I'm turning this game off.
  • 01:48:15: 7-1 before I could even change over to the separate input. LOL.
  • 01:50:03: 7-2! When did roller hockey become a part of the Winter Olympics?
  • 02:00:00: OK, so I like really, really want this hat. http://bit.ly/dq2Qyj
  • 02:00:26: @EverythingAnime Yes. Exactly. Anime is already thought of by some people as being for paedophiles, so this is an extention of that.
  • 02:00:41: @EverythingAnime I think lolicon is gross. But I do not think it is worth locking someone up for.
  • 02:26:39: 0-2? America's curlers are screwed. Canadians are doing well, though! #curling
  • 02:32:28: @lukekarrys "Better" is subjective in cases like this. We can argue it, but we can't assume our arguments are fact.
  • 02:58:35: @jlist It feels... ugh. I don't like it. I want to grab Disney's board and go "STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY INTERESTS"
  • 03:19:00: @lukekarrys I just don't understand why we *care*. Jordan's better! Kobe's better! How about we enjoy them for what they are?
  • 03:43:52: @twelveicings Just wait until the 28th!
  • 08:40:47: @jim_sterling Kotaku is also blatantly wrong about a lot of shit. Their reporting of Badman's name change was 100% fucked.
  • 19:11:04: @SPBowley So what they're saying is that liberals tend to be more educated? And "conservatives" tend to have no education? Makes sense!
  • 19:11:46: @SPBowley It's conclusive now! College educates people, and educated people are liberal! Thanks, Fox!
  • 19:12:11: @edropple But that's not an FPS, it's a TPS.
  • 19:23:28: @SPBowley Hey, I'm cool with curling, but stay out of my women's hockey! Finland vs. China would have been huge if the score was reversed.
  • 19:24:50: *turns on Canada vs. Sweden* ... Oh my God. 12-0? This isn't good. No point in having a good woman's team if they're going to cut the sport!
  • 19:52:21: OK... tense moment over at the #curling ice.
  • 19:55:12: Whaddyagot Schuster? Whaddyagot? (Apologies to @SPBowley)
  • 19:57:11: Inches. We're going to an extra end. Damnit, Schuster!
  • 20:00:56: @SPBowley Fourth! How much you wanna bet they change the way to qualify after this?
  • 20:07:17: @WhitlockJason But he's right! What's wrong with being right? Does he have to put on clown nose on like Vitale?
  • 20:19:44: It's all on John Schuster now. If I'm a fan of American curling, this doesn't give me much confidence.
  • 20:23:21: @jlist Now see, I could get into Lucky Star if it looked more like that!
  • 20:24:57: We go right from Curling to Hockey. Don't look now, but Germany's not bad.
  • 20:30:59: WOOOOOOOOOOOOW. That should have been goalie interference on Daniel Sedin! That's a terrible call.
  • 20:33:58: This referee's off to a bad start. Like, a Kelsey Conners-bad start.
  • 21:05:39: Dear Koei: Releasing a bad PSP game on PS3 does not make it good.
  • 21:26:26: I'm going to beat the shit out of Strikeforce in my review. NONE of the issues I had with the first game were fixed. It's a naked port.
  • 21:50:10: @sportsguy33 Do you realize that we just said that Danny Ferry robbed someone?
  • 21:53:53: http://bit.ly/b3nQxF - Jesus FUCKING CHRIST. I was not notified of this at all, and my review copy made no mention. I have to edit my review
  • 23:06:30: So it seems that all of my favourite actresses except one are comfortably into their 60s now.

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Feb. 18th, 2010 02:53 pm (UTC)
From PSP ... to PS3? And no real changes? WTF? That makes no sense!
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