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From Twitter 02-20-2010

  • 14:22:08: Talk about overtired. 16 hours of sleep!
  • 14:23:49: And now, I turn on Curling, hearing of more Shusterings for the American team. Down 6-5 in the 9th, they need the hammer back.
  • 14:31:20: Shustered again.
  • 14:35:36: http://bit.ly/9AeiQX - My latest UTS explains why I pushed - unsuccessfully - to have our SOCOM review pulled, or at least edited heavily.
  • 14:36:14: @thelostlolli I think I saw someone wearing that in a JRPG once.
  • 14:40:27: SMITH'D! HUGE shot. John Shuster, pay attention.
  • 14:40:38: @SPBowley *high five*
  • 14:48:10: Now THAT'S the Shuster we know and... OK, we don't know this Shuster. But a good shot nonetheless!
  • 14:49:33: With that said, Kevin Martin is like a Curling god. He looks like my old history teacher, but throws an amazing rock.
  • 14:55:35: Shit. #curling
  • 15:03:22: @jlist "Cathy Reed and Chris Reed from Japan" Huh?
  • 15:08:50: "John Shuster, We Still Love You!" Let's wait until after this end, sugarlips. #curling
  • 15:10:37: "That's perfect!" Did this just turn into the Special Olympics? #yournotallspecial #curling #shustered
  • 15:12:09: @SPBowley Did he know what curling was before today?
  • 15:16:44: He pulled it off! @smittycurler pulled it off!
  • 16:17:30: Dear Talking Heads: Joseph Stack was NOT a "nutjob". That implies he wasn't in control of his facilities. Not true. He was completely sane.
  • 17:00:11: Can ANYONE give critique anymore without calling someone a loser, a pinhead, or a faggot? ANYONE?
  • 17:42:44: @twelveicings Buy two, and send the second to me! Sorry, I'm no help. XD
  • 20:26:20: @twelveicings Is this confirmed, or Canadians panicking?
  • 20:26:40: @WhitlockJason Yeah, ride it into the ground.
  • 20:27:26: Weekly hit place for DHGF: UTS is #1. Actual SOCOM review is #32. #huh #whatthefuck #gamersareretarded
  • 20:28:04: @twelveicings Didn't Iginla have a fucking hat trick in game one?
  • 20:28:19: @twelveicings He didn't play that badly against the Swiss. They ran into a hot goaltender. What the fuck.
  • 20:31:26: @McCurdy316 You're right, and his point is going to be lost because of what he did. He thought definitive action still works. It doesn't.
  • 20:32:10: @twelveicings So what's the actual scuttlebut on why he got moved down to line #4? What's the reason? Does Babcock not like him or something
  • 20:37:12: SOCOM has 17 clicks today, the day my UTS went up (and linked it in the first sentence). That's less people than COMMENTED on the UTS.
  • 20:47:06: @twelveicings That's like saying Russia needs Ovechkin to kill penalties. Goofy logic.

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Feb. 22nd, 2010 12:58 am (UTC)
Got caught up on the Stack business. ... I am finding it to be food for thought.
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