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From Twitter 02-21-2010

  • 16:45:04: @burning_phoneix It's a secret~ :')
  • 16:45:30: @twelveicings It makes no sense. You want a checker? Then use Toews. We're going to lose Gold because of a coach outthinking himself.
  • 16:45:52: @HeroicSuperman Hey man, your ass got hacked. You're sending out Phishing PMs.
  • 16:54:30: You can't be serious. The Canada vs. US game isn't going to be in HD? Because of Curling? I'm down with Curling, but Jesus Christ!
  • 19:50:29: OK, Canada. That's your wake up call. Don't hit the fucking snooze button.
  • 20:14:01: @SPBowley Same here. WHY is this game not in HD? NBC fails again.
  • 20:15:59: http://bit.ly/bI0SOK (Thanks, @SPBowley) - NHL, pull your games from NBC. Right now. This is an unbearable insult. Show some fucking pride.
  • 20:19:27: @edropple For US vs. Canada? Versus Ice Dancing? The fucking fanbase is there. This is an international event.
  • 20:25:27: @edropple Of course no one's watching it, it's in Stretch-O-Vision on NBC! Americans watched the Winter Classic, they will watch this.
  • 20:27:02: @keithlaw The biggest game of the year excepting medal rounds is on a sub-network, and for most, not in HD. But Ice Dancing is on NBC.
  • 20:34:39: @keithlaw Of course it's going to win, IT'S NOT ON #*@#&!ING MSNBC IN STRETCH-O-VISION!
  • 20:37:30: @keithlaw it IS disappointing when you have an HDTV. This game literally looks better on the TV I've had since '87.
  • 20:39:30: Tie game! There we go!
  • 20:43:51: Holy shit, that shot of Rogge, Fassel and Bettman was huge; the three most important people in hockey. Now, if only to dump one of them...
  • 21:04:21: Oh sure. NOW Chris Drury scores a fucking goal.
  • 21:30:16: ANOTHER Canadian penalty. When did we become the Americans?
  • 21:30:50: @SPBowley Dude. Do you have any idea how fucking cold the Territories and Nunavut are? There's a reason why they're always drunk.
  • 21:31:58: Looking at the penalty numbers. Apparently, one of hte refs is the same person that did USA vs. Canada Women, 2002 Gold Medal Final.
  • 21:33:13: Is it just me, or is Bryan Rafalski having the greatest game in the history of history?
  • 21:36:28: At least we're not in elimination stages. Calm. Remain calm. HEAR THAT, CANADA? REMAIN CALM! CALM THE FUCK DOWN! FUUUUUUUUUUUCK
  • 21:48:14: Well, that's a start!
  • 21:53:25: Well... I guess we're in a play-in game now.
  • 21:56:34: @Psymin1 They're all from the NHL.
  • 21:57:09: Just please God, don't let Babcock panic. Don't start changing shit for the sake of changing shit.
  • 21:58:14: @SPBowley BRYAN Rafalski. BRYAN.
  • 22:07:23: @Psymin1 You do not understand the pressure he is under right now. Trust me. There's "pressure cooker", and there's "Canada's disappointing"
  • 22:11:17: It's not ALL bad, Canada. The Women's curlers beat America! WOOOOOO!
  • 22:11:36: @Psymin1 I thought he already blinked, fucking with his lines.

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Feb. 22nd, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
NBC. Incapable of success at anything. :-)
Feb. 22nd, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC)
the office was good until it started sucking
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