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Twitter Confusion is a Frustrating Mess

Most of you see my Twitter posts here, via Livejournal, instead of following my main Twitter feed (@superbus). That's been working pretty well, and a few of you - especially Samu - respond regularly.

But now I have a problem: due to our coming consolidation of Twitter feeds for the Diehard GameFAN site, I now have to have a second feed, since Lucard doesn't want personal stuff on the gaming site. It kinda makes sense; people going for Pokemon news don't want to read about my views on politics, hockey, or Japanese pornography, from most indications. But it makes things a pain in the ass to manage. So therefore, I've had to make @DHGFBus, which will include all of my videogame related tweets.

The biggest casualty is going to be the fact that Livejournal can really only support one or the other. Yes, I can make two posts a day, but that's a PITA for everyone involved; it clutters up my LJ, and makes friends' pages annoying to read for everyone involved, especially those that don't give a flying fuck what I have to say on Twitter.

So I guess my question is this, for those that actually read my Twitter posts: do you care more about my regular, non-gaming related tweets, which will come in as @superbus? Or do you care more about my gaming related information - which will come in greater frequency - as @DHGFBus? Whichever one is more popular, I'll probably switch to post to LJ.

And don't remember, Twitter supports RSS, if anyone reads off of RSS!