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From Twitter 02-23-2010

  • 01:08:36: @SPBowley Those idiots couldn't even get the score of the Canada game right.
  • 01:37:03: I love it when people snipe about me in a cryptic and passive-aggressive manner.
  • 03:30:12: Oh, SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIES~ http://bit.ly/6hqcjg @dekunda
  • 04:02:21: OK, Apple freaks. Here's your chance. Sell me - a power user and former IT pro who runs SuSE and Windows 7 - on buying a MacBook.
  • 04:03:08: Dear Windows 7: I keep hiding that definition file update of yours for a reason: I don't want to fucking install it. Do not let it show up.
  • 16:48:57: @Samarecarm Don't worry about it, the issue's resolved. No harm done.
  • 17:21:20: Awesome: Demon's Souls is in my hands via Gamefly. Not Awesome: Two reviews due, don't have time for it.
  • 17:59:39: http://bit.ly/bveQ7R - Karma's a bitch, Michigan. West Virginia laughs at you.
  • 18:23:06: I am having problems justifying a future Mac experience.
  • 18:35:37: Testing. Testing.
  • 18:46:19: I love @dmorey as a GM, but hearing him and @sportsguy33's voices droning on together is too much for me to take.
  • 19:22:07: @JVB It's Dragon's Lair. Hard as hell, and the touch screen does it no favours. Still a fun time, because I'm a huge Don Bluth fan.
  • 19:47:37: I like what Team Canada's doing so far. Shoot more. That's what they have to do; shoot more. They have to make Greiss beat them.
  • 20:28:10: THROUGH the net. Wow!
  • 20:34:20: For my DHGF readers: follow @DHGFBus, as it's now the official feed for DHGF related posts, and my videogame thoughts.
  • 20:40:37: Jarome Iginla just told all the haters in Canada to shut the fuck up. "Take ME off the top line? Fuck you, Babcock"
  • 20:54:06: No biggie. Shit happens. #teamcanada
  • 21:05:29: RT @SonyPlayStation: Coming to PSN this Week: Grandia PSOne Classic http://bit.ly/9jGVC8 (FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP - Bus) (@Psymin1)
  • 21:19:23: @burning_phoneix 5-1, bitch! 8D
  • 21:22:21: @burning_phoneix Make that 6-1. Bitch. >8D
  • 21:25:33: The wave? Seriously? You're embarrassing yourselves, Vancouver.
  • 21:29:35: 7-1, yadda yadda... bring on Russia!
  • 21:40:01: Why is Griess still in this game? Mercy! Mercy!
  • 21:45:30: Ray Allen just told everyone who was considering trading him to go fuck themselves with that block.
  • 22:28:20: @Samarecarm It's $10... *grumbles* That doesn't have me happy. Leave it to Sony.
  • 22:35:57: I go through my RSS reader with little effort, then see 29 new entries within a minute for one site. Ahh, @jlist...
  • 23:10:03: @jlist No complaints! That update added something (HAVD659) to my wishlist! ^_^
  • 23:23:48: http://bit.ly/a41e4z - Letting women on subs is going to be a HUGE mistake, and it WILL backfire on the US Navy. BAD move.
  • 23:35:08: Guys that I normally follow as @superbus: I might not follow you as @DHGFBus, if only to keep my follow list clean. Looking at how it'll go.

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Feb. 24th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
(Will you also be posting your DHGF summaries here via the same method?)
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