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From Twitter 02-24-2010

  • 00:09:12: Thinking about it, I'm probably going to limit follows as @DHGFBus to industry and DHGF people. Anyone I like, I'll follow as @superbus
  • 00:31:31: @twelveicings *TECTONIC HIGH FIVE* <3
  • 00:42:45: @Psymin1 To be fair, it IS an IGN review.
  • 01:02:49: @Psymin1 BTW: Did Alex ever get back to you?
  • 01:04:10: OK. So, teapots? Exceptionally fucking awesome.
  • 01:23:39: RT @libertyideals: Inspired Reader Stands Up To Union Mobs #libertarian http://bit.ly/9J9un2 (They need better weapons to brutalize us with)
  • 04:32:25: Oho~ So it's KB971033 that wants to call home on me! Nice try trying to sneak that one past me, Microsoft, you devils you. <3
  • 06:02:32: @thelostlolli Maybe a good time for a workout?
  • 07:48:29: @jim_sterling Isn't the major source of drama something that happens to kids? People think of that happening to their own. Sounds normal.
  • 18:47:12: @NHLShanny Anything but Hartford. Hard to justify it when the first thing you did there was request your way out. @WhalerWatch
  • 18:48:45: @mrsdanahale It's Fox. He was reasonable before he joined Fox and let Roger Ailes screw him up.
  • 19:43:40: @Samarecarm My mother said she's sure she renewed it, but we're going to double check.
  • 19:48:14: Alright! The Russians are back to their faggot, diving selves! Old times!
  • 19:56:13: DOINK! 2-0! Marleau on the tip! I TOLD Canadians not to panic!
  • 19:58:23: DOINK!!!!!!!! 3-0!!!!! Nash from Toews and Richards! WE'RE BACK, BITCHES!!!
  • 20:10:24: 4-1! 4-1! We want Bryzgalof!
  • 20:22:37: I have to admit: these Olympics have been a gigantic #nbcfail, but I'm interested in Boomer$, at least.
  • 20:23:17: @BigSamTweets No way you could get Samuraiter for your name, eh?
  • 20:27:46: How much money are we - as a nation, taxpayers - paying for these census ads again? We're paying for more government interference.
  • 20:31:29: That's the game! Corey Perry, 5-1! NOW they have to pull Nabokov. What is taking Russia so long? He shouldn't have seen the second period.
  • 20:48:31: This Canada vs. Russia game IS being played on ice, right? This isn't roller hockey?
  • 20:50:23: @raywashere Because I'm Canadian.
  • 20:58:33: @Psymin1 Wanted to download it, but NXE kept giving me shit. I'll download it tonight.
  • 21:17:57: Get us, Eric.... get up...
  • 21:18:43: @mozactly How does it cost us $90m? Where did they get that number?
  • 21:45:55: @mozactly And this is why I won't answer the census. I don't want the government counting anything. I want them out of my life, not counting
  • 21:48:37: So, to quote Goldberg... Who's Next!?
  • 22:12:05: @SPBowley When is the St. Joes game? They apparently have such a major college prospect that us hockey guys are hearing about it.
  • 22:21:14: @mozactly My point is that it shouldn't. Politicians are finding new and inventive ways to game the system for that reason.
  • 23:19:35: So Trumbull girls finished 8-11, 4-9 in the FCIAC. Changing head coaches makes less sense than it did before. And that's saying something!
  • 23:54:31: Any hockey fan who isn't watching Finland vs. Czech, turn it on. Now. Or watch the replay later. This is a classic.
  • 23:56:44: http://bit.ly/c2anOs - The IIPA is dangerous. Great article by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

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Feb. 25th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
(Hmm. Do I keep replying here, or do I hit Twitter and reply there? May have to think about that.)

Unfortunately, 'Samuraiter' was taken. I need to find the person who has it and follow them so I can hound them into surrendering it. :-)
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