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From Twitter 02-25-2010

  • 00:53:44: @Psymin1 That's because Hartford's GM at the time was a moron and traded for someone even less professional (Paul Coffey)
  • 02:03:24: Dave Kopel explained 20 years ago my reasons for not answering the Census (thanks, @libertyideals) http://bit.ly/c5zfiR
  • 02:24:23: @twelveicings I came *SO CLOSE* to bombing your phone with enough texts to make you think I was drunk. Xd
  • 11:54:20: I'm actually really, really happy at how our DHGF Twitter is going so far. Check out the DHGF peeps via my diehard-gamefan list!
  • 12:04:16: @mrscottericson Does that mean we can discontinue people that currently drive one, too?
  • 12:36:42: @WhitlockJason Your freedom to speak comment near the end: is that why @sportsguy33 can't tee off on non-ESPN media personalities?
  • 13:03:33: Oh my God. I just realized I bought tickets for Quinnipiac basketball tonight. Tonight's also the Gold Medal Game! FUCK!
  • 13:06:14: http://bit.ly/ajC49O - Who's dumber: the NFL for their fines on socks, or the NBA for their banning of straw chewing?
  • 13:09:07: @burning_phoneix And putting the referee that did it in the World Cup!
  • 13:09:53: @twelveicings I prefer Weber when he's LITERALLY BURNING HOLES THROUGH NETS.
  • 13:12:43: The happiest person in Canada right now? Pierre Gauthier. Jaroslav Halak's trade value has SKYROCKETED.
  • 13:13:16: Tied for second? Everyone else in Canada. We don't have to play the Swedes! We don't have to play the Swedes! WHEEE! WHEEEEEEE!
  • 13:14:17: @jlist ... Wait, wha? How do "oyster" and "candy" go together? That sounds like an oxymoron.
  • 13:15:52: @twelveicings Actually, this is where the American feed shined: Pierre McGuire spent most of the game KILLING the Russian coach for that.
  • 13:23:09: @twelveicings But he's right: the moment Nabokov came out for the second, they had to ride-or-die with him. (cont) http://tl.gd/bnviu
  • 13:30:42: @burning_phoneix I don't like that it plays videos without my approval; that's annoying. And it's BRUTAL on low-end machines.
  • 13:31:19: I like this analogy so much, I'll use it for the public: pulling Nabokov after six goals was like pulling out of a woman after cumming.
  • 13:37:52: Microsoft, when I say "hide this update", I mean forever. Perpetually. Stop making it show up every fucking day. I don't want to put it in.
  • 13:47:17: #FF @DHGFBus, my videogame tweet alternative. It's me, just solely about videogames. So follow me again!
  • 15:54:17: http://bit.ly/a5CJ2l - (Thanks, @mozactly) I'll be watching this VERY carefully. @ErikaS981, you probably should to.
  • 15:58:26: @ValleyIndy Would that be considered an intentional stall tactic?
  • 16:00:38: Fun fact: When typing "garfield" into Google's search bar in Firefox, Garfield Minus Garfield comes up first.
  • 16:13:11: @mopupduty Figures that a dickbag like Ricciardi would replace a dickbag like Steve Phillips. ESPN sure knows how to pick personalities.
  • 16:19:47: @jephjacques He's also better than 95% of manga I see. BTW, you broke his site. WINNER IS YOU
  • 16:27:15: @jlist Does Lucky Star even have male characters? I'm only half kidding.
  • 16:31:31: http://bit.ly/aiXQsQ - I hate Gene Wojo's work, but as a Knicks fan, this article gives me a huge erection.
  • 16:37:12: @raywashere At least they're not offensive to watch at this point. They're bad, but at least they're not 104-57 bad.
  • 17:41:39: So there's both heavy traffic on 34 (via @ValleyIndy) and flash flooding in Hamden (via @jamiedeloma). Sounds like Quinnipiac game is out.
  • 17:52:04: @Psymin1 Hey, good news. Just talked to Alex; you're in! Sign up at 411kliq.proboards.com, and Al will approve you. That's the staff boards.
  • 17:57:32: The liberals are applauding Obama, and the conservative are calling him the antichrist. I'd say he had a good day.
  • 18:14:57: It's official: not going to make the Quinnipiac game. Notwithstanding the weather, US vs. Canada for hockey gold > NEC Basketball.
  • 18:31:14: They put Canada vs. the US on MSNBC. This isn't even #nbcfail anymore. It's a blatant, deliberate insult. I might boycott NBC after this.
  • 18:33:13: Meanwhile, Canada vs. Sweden curling is on CNBC in HD. That's nice. But can't you fuckers switch it? Hockey in stretch-o-vision?
  • 18:40:55: Thank God, we have a neutral referee (Norway).
  • 18:48:12: Even I can recognise a dive. The Canadian forward dove into a pool for that penalty.
  • 18:49:20: It LOOKED good from the referee's perspective, but that's why we need two refs at this level.
  • 18:55:26: DOINK! 1-0! What a shot!
  • 19:01:54: 2-0! 2-0! 2-0!!!! Fast release!
  • 19:23:07: Looks like the US is coming out swinging for this one. Awesome.Let's rock!
  • 19:27:48: They have that stupid, moronic rule about shooting over the glass in this tournament, too!?
  • 19:47:34: Excellent call by the Norwegian ref! Even I have to admit that was a blatant dive.
  • 20:01:15: @ohheyitsPP The big complaint is that MSNBC doesn't come in HD for most people. CNBC has a better record in that regard.
  • 20:19:27: One thing NBC's done right: the football style lack of commercial breaks for the big games. That's a nice touch.
  • 20:36:22: GOLD, MOTHERFUCKERS. One down, one to go.
  • 20:39:45: @jlist Not Maka Maka?
  • 20:57:26: One note on the US vs. Canada final: both teams were amazing. The US made two mistakes, and Canada responded to them perfectly. Amazing game
  • 20:58:34: @jlist Nah, you know why? Because it was the characters that made Maka Maka outstanding, less so the art. That's why Maka Maka > Shoujo Sect
  • 21:25:43: @WhalerWatch Damn, I might have to pick up a hat at Hockey Gear now. I have tix to that game.
  • 21:40:34: @Psymin1 As my contemporary @psymin1 noted, you have been nailed, sir.
  • 22:09:45: @BigSamTweets Dairugger... heard things about it, but don't know it well. How would a Gundam freak like me like it?

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