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From Twitter 02-26-2010

  • 00:35:49: I am making my cat dance to the Lucky Star theme. She is not pleased.
  • 00:38:02: Gold in Women's Ice Hockey. Bronze in Ladies Figure Skating. I'd say today was a good day for Canada.
  • 01:03:51: http://bit.ly/bk4nEW - Hustle Kings review for PS3. Disappointing effort all around. Good only for the chance to namedrop a friend.
  • 02:11:20: @twelveicings ... A quick peek at her Twitter shows me she gets off on hate. :(
  • 05:24:35: http://bit.ly/9Slx4t - Playstation Network Wrap-Up for Feb. 25th. Fuck me, it's 5:25! God fucking damnit, I hate Thursday nights.
  • 06:15:56: http://bit.ly/bpcQyx - Amazing write-up of just what happens when a club enters administration, and just what happened to Portsmouth FC.
  • 22:30:09: I would like to say fuck AT+T for their shitty Winter Olympics app. You get push notifications... unless you want them for Canada.
  • 22:31:54: Therefore, I'm just finding out now, as I get home, that 1) Canada's up 2-0 on the Slovaks, and 2) the women curlers lost to Sweden. #FAIL
  • 22:34:10: @sportsguy33 Only three hours? you're losing it.
  • 22:44:17: Can someone explain to me how ONE SENATOR can block anything in the senate? Please?
  • 22:45:54: Dear PepsiCo: When you stop putting pesticides in your drinks in foreign countries, you can take the high road on Tiger Fuckin' Woods.
  • 22:48:14: @BigSamTweets We need to drop the filibuster to 55 to start; 60 is too high. But the Democrats need to stop being weaklings. Inexcusable.
  • 22:50:44: @BigSamTweets And now, they're going to have that mandate turned around on them in November by our legendarily stupid electorate.
  • 22:51:07: Barring a collapse, it's going to be US vs. Canada on Sunday. I'm giddy. Absolutely giddy. I'll be home for this one! <3
  • 22:53:54: @BigSamTweets That's because anyone remotely moderate has the tea parties screaming that they're RINOs. The problem is our dumb populace.
  • 23:02:27: @JPosnanski Ugh!
  • 23:34:01: Um... guys? Guys? Yes, this game's not over, guys. #canada
  • 23:37:05: @BigSamTweets People can't get the information from America. Everything is slanted. Fox News, NBC, CNN, it's all about ratings.
  • 23:41:54: Thank God for Pavel Demitra.
  • 23:42:12: Thank God. Thank God. We're moving on to Sunday. Thank God.
  • 23:45:44: @SPBowley You're damn right we want the Americans. 2002, all over again!

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Feb. 27th, 2010 08:14 am (UTC)
Thank God Demitra still sucks sometimes. XD
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