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From Twitter 02-27-2010

  • 01:43:35: @Aitherion It's just the old EF with new moves and more lolis. I have it, have barely dug in so far.
  • 01:48:57: @Aitherion You're right. The game IS pretty linear, so the story is not necessary. Though I can kinda read it... :'(
  • 02:15:49: @thelostlolli Is he still with that other woman? If not, that's a warning flag.
  • 02:32:25: RT @twelveicings: RT @THEAaronMiller: 98% of Canadians are clearing their schedules for Sunday. 98% of Americans are Wikipediaing Ice Hockey
  • 02:33:27: @twelveicings XD! Though I already had my schedule cleared and blocked. CAN. NOT. WAIT. <3
  • 03:45:10: @twelveicings NO U >:P (XD)
  • 12:11:19: @thelostlolli I'm sure he is. My concern is that you're going to end up as someone's plan B. You never want to be Plan B.
  • 12:13:36: @sportsguy33 Has to be Segal.
  • 12:27:47: @cnsteltenp Sounds like a night I had in Spain once.
  • 15:05:28: Coming to Northampton might have been a mistake. All ts making me do is miss Aileen. Badly.
  • 18:08:32: @thelostlolli yes! This is the time to be irresponsible! <3
  • 18:09:45: @twelveicings I'm with @twomins4hooking! Tomorrow should be a holiday throughout Canada!
  • 18:10:54: I do love Northampton. My wallet, on the other hand...
  • 18:12:18: @HipHopDX Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. I loved the leak so much I bough it asap.
  • 21:20:29: @mrsdanahale everything I'm reading says that these people are either nutjobs or pandering.
  • 21:22:51: @Psymin1 you're not authorized yet!?
  • 21:24:54: @thelostlolli hey, I never said "go out and sleep with half the campus". Being "wild" gets tamer as you get older, trust me. XD
  • 21:26:03: @mrsdanahale I was reading about someone today that favoured that. His name was Che Guevara.
  • 22:21:02: There is only or way to end a day in Northampton: Harrell's.

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