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From Twitter 03-01-2010

  • 00:02:14: @twelveicings No, it was the women who were the most heartbroken. Seeing them made ME sad.
  • 00:05:28: @twelveicings GET THE FUCK OUT! How do you have a Tweeter or whatever on this!? http://bit.ly/D2IEf
  • 00:06:23: @ohheyitsPP That's a nonsensical argument. My issue is that too many people aren't *HOCKEY* fans, they're franchise fans. They just...
  • 00:06:57: @ohheyitsPP want something to talk about around the water cooler. When viewing franchises as what they are - corporations - it makes no ...
  • 00:07:18: @ohheyitsPP sense to me to put value on a franchise over a country. The Pro Bowl is the best of a conference. This is international hockey.
  • 00:15:53: @twelveicings That reminds me... did you notice who wore the second "A" today? Hint: It wasn't Sid.
  • 00:17:21: @Psymin1 That's foolish, IMO. A player can leave an NHL team almost at whim. Unless they're dual citizens, they can't just leave Canada/USA.
  • 00:17:41: @twelveicings And maybe now, Niedermeyer can retire in peace. XD
  • 00:18:43: @Samarecarm Within two paragraphs, you're showing some biting sarcasm in that review. XD
  • 00:23:18: @Psymin1 DING! There's my point. These are "NHL" fans. They are NOT hockey fans. Much like Yankee fans who don't (cont) http://tl.gd/cmufs
  • 00:24:37: @Psymin1 NHL fans stop watching hockey when their team is out of the playoffs. HOCKEY fans watch the sport when they can. THAT'S the point.
  • 00:35:22: @BJaMsWorld See, you're not the problem, and I think I was unfair on you before. My issue is that ALL of my (cont) http://tl.gd/cn0qf
  • 00:55:23: @twelveicings They are? Everything I'm reading are that Americans have forgotten hockey exists again, and are now looking forward to BBall.
  • 01:23:05: @twelveicings What do I count as? XD
  • 01:27:02: Here's something I never thought I'd have to say: "I'm grinding for experience in a hentai game".
  • 02:21:13: This one's for @twelveicings http://bit.ly/9WzQnv
  • 02:58:02: @jlist That stuff is amazing. I might end up buying another case when I order Casual Romance Club. ^_^
  • 05:45:58: @BigSamTweets You gain levels fast enough. But the only way you can heal is through potions, and they run out (cont) http://tl.gd/con0c
  • 05:46:57: @BigSamTweets Oh, and in addition to that? I haven't confirmed, but the Lv. 3 boss might be unbeatable if you make a mistake on Lv. 2.
  • 09:40:01: @JPosnanski Wait, don't you go in as press?
  • 09:46:02: @jlist But you say this about someone on the same page as Mihiro, so that can't be true! http://bit.ly/b9XNwi
  • 09:48:48: The day after, and I'm still on cloud 9. #canada
  • 10:02:48: Sidney Crosby's goal is our Paul Henderson moment. The momentous timing of Henderson's goal by a player of Lemieux's stature. Unbelievable.
  • 11:10:17: More proof anime is in SERIOUS trouble: http://bit.ly/bgUiyQ Good one for @BigSamTweets
  • 11:14:02: Now that I think of it, though? Anime and video games, to me, need the same tonic: for their current bubbles to burst. Hard. With casualties
  • 14:14:22: @Samarecarm Yes, but I know better. I know you~ XD
  • 14:15:03: @thestolenfork To be fair, those guys have a lot of issues to worry about.
  • 14:15:49: @twelveicings How are they fucking up 12 letter names?
  • 14:16:28: RT @youhosers: BUT I HOPE EVERYONE REMEMBERS WHO MADE THE SICK PASS. a man named JAROME IGINLA. aka the most underrated guy ever
  • 14:18:12: RT @connpost: WWE steroid investigation: A controversy McMahon 'doesn't need' http://bit.ly/cQM8uQ (Well THAT was a matter of time - Bus)
  • 14:18:54: @WhalerWatch Idiotic. The Whalers as a minor league franchise is as dumb as the "Whalers" as an independent league team.
  • 14:20:23: @twelveicings Everyone in Connecticut conveniently forgets that the Feds almost had Vince. Should have, really.
  • 14:29:07: @twelveicings It'd have to be a new investigation. You can't be retried for the same crime twice.
  • 14:29:36: @twelveicings Jesus, it's spelled how it's pronounced! Don't these people have copy editors? XD
  • 14:40:56: @twelveicings No, this is political gerrymandering. Vince's wife is running for Chris Dodd's senate seat in my state.
  • 14:44:14: @twelveicings It still baffles me - absolutely baffles - that the organization that killed Owen Hart is now a publicly traded corporation.
  • 14:57:31: I've heard too much shitty rap today. Do I check out @EricBandRakim's melody, or rock some Gang Starr? (Get better, Guru)
  • 15:33:49: People talk about Portsmouth FC as if they're the exception, something abnormal. No, guys. Top flight clubs going under will become ROUTINE.
  • 15:34:09: The stakes are too high, and the big clubs are too big. This is why I think they need to have their fucking superleague. #premiership
  • 15:37:43: http://bit.ly/aEutzv - Ah, good to see that old fashioned Soviet mentality coming back! Terrible nation, just like old times~
  • 16:33:39: http://bit.ly/bfsZTV - The NFL's salary cap is fucking goofy. Only in the NFL does this shit make sense.
  • 16:39:08: @thelostlolli Who cares about acceptable? I say wear one! Fuck, do that cool little morphing scene if you can, too!

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Mar. 2nd, 2010 06:53 pm (UTC)
Anime is in trouble because they're usually so weird and retarded. Which is alright if they're targeting kids, but they need/are trying to target adults. O_o

For example, Cowboy Bebop was good. But wtf, why did we need Ed?
And how many different iterations of giant robots are we going to get? XD;;

Of course, I don't watch much anime. But I do want to watch anime, and the general oddity and lack of good stories are why I don't I guess.
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