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From Twitter 03-03-2010

  • 01:34:07: @Psymin1 100% acceptable.
  • 10:49:10: @burning_phoneix Sepp Blatter is a moron.
  • 11:05:19: @mozactly This article's trying too hard. There are plenty of mouth-breathing morons she can direct real bile at instead of those examples.
  • 11:20:33: Derek Morris is to the NHL what Drew Gooden is to the NBA.
  • 11:31:23: @edbott at ZDNet is doing some top shelf work on digging deep into the Windows piracy scene. http://bit.ly/9vphqa
  • 11:34:43: In fact, his work makes me wish I could show just how easy it is to pirate some of these PC games in a UTS. Alex would shoot me, though.
  • 11:36:20: @BigSamTweets GOD, I know that feeling. I have one weekly column, and someimes wish I had three days. Sometimes, there's so much to write...
  • 11:37:06: @BigSamTweets that I can't get ANYTHING done, like last week. (And this week, my hope to have backup with quotes looks like a failure)
  • 11:47:00: This trade deadline sucks. Weren't half these names traded LAST year?
  • 12:03:19: @Psymin1 You'll see with my next review that I'm going to specifically mention using an FAQ (for Lightning Warrior Raidy)
  • 12:03:55: @twelveicings Catfight! CATFIGHT!!!
  • 12:26:30: God, I hope @twelveicings isn't listening to TSN right now. :(
  • 12:30:42: @twelveicings "So what you're saying is that Jarome Iginla's time might be ticking away?" "I think it is. One or (cont) http://tl.gd/dd3bv
  • 12:35:00: Phoenix looks like it's about to overpay for Wojtek Wolski. Mueller AND another piece? Sounds like a mistake to me.
  • 12:45:41: It's official: Peter Mueller and Kevin Porter for Wojtek Wolski. Yikes, has Mueller's stock plummeted.
  • 12:50:04: Looking at the Wolski/Mueller trade, I have to wonder if money was the key reason (Wolski's due a raise). As a hockey trade, it's DUMB.
  • 13:15:16: The note by @choochoobear is why I could never be a webcomic writer. I couldnt' stand it if everyone only asked about my characters fucking.
  • 13:23:47: http://bit.ly/aD948Q - Fucking relax, people at JFK. The kid was doing what his father said. No different then when I worked a grill at 12.
  • 13:24:04: (And I'm getting REALLY sick of posting to the wrong Twitter account)
  • 13:59:08: @BigSamTweets We've had that discussion in the past. ;)
  • 14:02:23: More bullshit from Nvidia. @cdemerjian has always been on top of this. http://bit.ly/aFeOiD
  • 14:04:12: http://bit.ly/cEpMHx - My review of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce for the PS3. Yikes. Any game developer must hate seeing my name by now.
  • 14:05:34: What a year for Vesa Toskala! From starting for the Maple Lafs, to being traded twice in a year, the second time for CURTIS MCELHINNEY.
  • 14:31:10: @twelveicings It's... funny. To say the least. XD
  • 14:31:49: @Samarecarm Your curiosity has also brought you good tidings, if our relationship is any indication~ :-*
  • 14:52:39: So the big deals really happened either before the Olympics (Kovie) or yesterday (Poinkarovski). Yawn.
  • 14:55:27: The one team that absolutely had to make a deal, looks like they're not. Are the Flyers really sticking with journeyman Michael Leighton?
  • 15:07:31: @SPBowley Classy. What is he trying to accomplish with that?
  • 15:21:00: @SPBowley So he has to disparage the FCIAC? Good thing he works for St. Joes, Herbst at Trumbull would can him for that stunt.
  • 15:28:50: @twelveicings I'm partly laughing at the idea that Toska went from NHL starter to being traded for a guy who can't play 10 games in Calgary.
  • 16:17:53: @thelostlolli For real? NICE!
  • 18:58:19: Funny thing @ Chinese place: teenage girl "doing homework" on her laptop (read: reading manga online)
  • 20:53:42: @mrsdanahale He lost me with the first line, but let me see if I can stomach this.
  • 20:56:14: @mrsdanahale Fuck this. This guy's painting a lot of people with a very small brush, like someone that watched Countdown for fifteen minutes
  • 21:10:15: @mrsdanahale If someone is the smartest man in the room... who do they learn from? Life is just a learning experience.
  • 22:02:12: @BigSamTweets Real, confirmed, and in development. By EA.
  • 22:44:05: @BigSamTweets Ironically enough? I think I'm going to not end up getting that one. One of the casuals will, guaranteeing it a good score.
  • 23:00:02: @Psymin1 About $50-ish, and MLB '10. No 2K10 yet, I think I'm going to wait on a friend, and exchange for a week so I can review it.
  • 23:15:43: @Psymin1 Who beat your team, anyw-- OH IT WAS VANCOUVER. :D
  • 23:20:16: God damnit, now I'm actually considering picking up Azumanga Daioh, which I've thought about before. DAMN YOU, @jephjacques!!!!
  • 23:34:54: @Psymin1 Negative, I'm a Vancouver fan! 8D
  • 23:38:14: @Psymin1 One of my best friends is a lifelong Flames fan. But really, I'm a hockey fan. I don't really go for franchises much. Too jaded.
  • 23:41:17: MLB '10 The SHow is a great game, but has some bugs. Bad jujus.

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