Superbus the BRAVE!!! (superbus) wrote,
Superbus the BRAVE!!!

From Twitter 03-04-2010

  • 00:17:37: @Psymin1 The Show has had one patch already, and has another update + roster update on Monday.
  • 00:59:07: RT @ValleyIndy: (And everyone makes fun of the 80s... - Bus)
  • 15:24:27: RT @jim_sterling: Ah, "Reopen Closed Tab," how I love you. (Firefox's most indispensible feature. Seriously - Bus)
  • 15:24:51: @raywashere I miss the MVP series; I STILL have MLB '05, and even the college game. They were awesome.
  • 15:26:54: @jdeloma What in the bloody ^$&! took so long!?
  • 15:30:22: @BigSamTweets This is becoming surreal.
  • 15:31:35: @dmataconis Is there a source on that better than the ENQUIRER?
  • 15:32:00: @burning_phoneix Have you seen their financials? Their stock price, their books... the whole franchise is a mess. A stinking, filthy mess.
  • 16:05:04: @dmataconis That means the two best groups at getting news out are ENQUIRER and TMZ. What the hell happened to us!?
  • 16:36:42: This might be the best "tip" - more for coaches than catchers - I've ever read. Via @brentmayne:
  • 16:51:55: Chris Samuels has been playing as a LT in the NFL for 10 years with stenosis!? I feel like a pussy for "just" having PCS for six years!
  • 18:45:33: @Psymin1 A dedicated server is a server dedicated to a game that is NOT in control by a company. For example, if (cont)
  • 20:54:29: @Samarecarm Does that mean we now have three copies? XD
  • 20:57:14: @Samarecarm We did beat that one together, right? <3
  • 21:12:57: @twelveicings He's probably been paid to do it over and over again. Or he's a loser. XD
  • 21:15:55: @twelveicings Or that! XD
  • 21:17:07: - YEOUCH! This is going to keep shitty lawyers from trying to make themselves heroes, at the least..
  • 21:44:24: @Samarecarm Wait, no. This will make two. So we both have our copies... just l ike I said! XD
  • 22:42:50: @WhitlockJason I... crap, I don't know! Everyone forgot the story once she was suspended, and the carcas was stripped of meat.

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