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From Twitter 03-05-2010

  • 00:12:49: I think the Trololololo guy I linked yesterday looks like someone I recognise... http://bit.ly/dAvY9r
  • 01:28:01: @Psymin1 The Dreamcast did, or at least it was able to (with PSO). PS2 games could have, because those servers are run by the company.
  • 04:59:54: @SPBowley This is way too biased a source to take seriously.
  • 05:33:18: RT @libertyideals: NYPD Officer Admits False Arrests to Fill Quotas #libertarian http://bit.ly/bCMv8O (This is HUGE if it's true - Bus)
  • 08:54:12: Hear that, Liberals? Obama's going back to military tribunals! Just another example that he's not your fucking messiah.
  • 15:55:25: @WhitlockJason I'd say Jemele Hill took care of that one pretty nice.
  • 16:01:17: RT @IAmJericho: I really dug the match with Goldust last night. (Golddust is back? What happened to "new talent"? And I LIKE him - Bus)
  • 16:18:41: The Tribune Company is in bankruptcy, and I'm supposed to criticize the LA Times because of an advertisement? Doesn't work that way.
  • 16:20:08: @hesster56 You kinda forgot about a lot of the hype. I voted for him for that reason. Most voted for him because of his outlandish promises
  • 16:26:34: RT @Konami: #Frogger w/ ur fav Frogger game ever & what system. http://ow.ly/1eNqo (Um... Frogger? For the arcade? - Bus)
  • 16:34:35: @SPBowley How many of those 3,578 followers were hers before The Conanpocalypse?
  • 16:35:36: RT @gamingnitro: Review: Beautiful, Boring 'Final Fantasy XIII' Loses RPG Magichttp://bit.ly/bMHvQE (Like 2 see @SquareEnixKlee RT THIS one)
  • 16:36:47: @superbus JESUS CHRIST 100 followers since I typed that!
  • 16:46:52: @burning_phoneix But what about morons like the fangirl at Games Radar?
  • 16:49:12: @JVB Holy shit, wha? THAT low?
  • 16:49:45: @burning_phoneix That just makes me resist them that much harder. Especially since they catered to them with the 10.
  • 16:52:04: @JVB Almost as shocking as Games Radar turning their review into a fangirl squeel/critic stomp with a 10 tacked on for Metacritic.
  • 16:57:26: @raywashere As do I. But FFXIII is not a good game, despite what some paid shills are saying.
  • 16:59:16: Jay-Z in the Situation Room... Jesus Christ. I guess KG's right. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE #foreveryoneinsota
  • 18:40:28: @sportsguy33 Wha? OK, we need a link of this, dude.
  • 18:42:49: @sportsguy33 And actually, he doesn't live alone. Wikipedia says he's lived with WPIX reporter Katy Tur since October of '06.

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