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From Twitter 03-06-2010

  • 01:28:59: @shizuoya You hit them so hard your controller died? XD
  • 01:47:47: @shizuoya You realize you're proving why we say the game is broken, right? XD
  • 01:48:45: One cool thing about the old MVP Baseball '05 game (aka: the best baseball game not named The Show)? It exposed me to The Junior Varsity.
  • 02:49:27: @Psymin1 The Junior Varsity is a music group, their song "Get Comfortable" was in MVP '05.
  • 03:03:19: http://bit.ly/c8DFkI - This article on how sports are destroying colleges makes me think of what @dekunda went through at OU.
  • 07:52:39: #nhl10 trade to consider... Do I pick up Drew Doughty (86, A-) for Ilya Kovalchuk (90, C) + Shannon Winnik (75, B-)? It HAS to include Kovie
  • 07:55:25: That trade is keeping in mind that 1) I have three other good D, 2) My best other LW will be Max Pacioretty (83, B) + 3) Jack Johnson's UFA
  • 08:21:49: Made the trade. I still have two great lines, two good ones, and SEVEN D over 80 and under 23. Four of those are 83 or higher rating.
  • 11:15:16: @Psymin1 I couldn't do them straight-up because Colorado said they didn't want to take back anymore 1-way (cont) http://tl.gd/e70s6
  • 11:33:48: @Psymin1 Johnson's a UFA in the offseason. But I will clear enough cap space with Callahan expiring to resign him.

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