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From Twitter 03-07-2010

  • 00:38:40: @Psymin1 Wait until next season when those kids are resigned. Worst case, I lose either Jack Johnson or Kyle Okposo.
  • 01:01:24: http://bit.ly/aAxRll - Again!? Either Rothlesberger's got a problem, or bitches see a gold mine.
  • 01:04:30: Dear DirecTV: Explain why the Quinnipiac game wasn't recorded. ASAP.
  • 01:05:33: ... OH SHIT. It's tomorow! I'm a retard.
  • 01:09:00: If UCONN gets in without winning the Big East, it's going to be a travesty. I'm sure @SPBowley agrees.
  • 01:21:46: @Psymin1 WVU, 'Cuse, Georgetown... add to that the fact that UCONN lost to USF today, and it's looking like the NIT this year.
  • 01:22:09: @Psymin1 100%, unequivocally not allowed. Fireable offence.
  • 01:22:37: @shizuoya You guys have net hours?
  • 02:10:15: Listen to all these ACC fans talk. Bandwagoners! Support a small conference team that's never danced before! #gobobcats #quinnipiac
  • 02:43:13: @dekunda Hogwash! You need to play something like Fatal Labrynth. THAT was random! XD
  • 02:48:16: @dekunda I've been banned from playing P4 until I beat P3 (:(), so I guess I wouldn't know. But I remember from Ai that they weren't hard.
  • 02:59:24: @twelveicings To be fair, it seemed hard to care about P4's hallways when the fights were so hard.
  • 03:02:08: @twelveicings I never let the computer control my people if I can help it. Does P3 have a manual option?
  • 03:04:06: @twelveicings Yes, but I'm not sure I want to spend another $30-$40 on Persona 3. How many other improvements are there?
  • 03:18:37: @dekunda Isn't that the one I sold you? XD Are you enjoying it more than I did?
  • 03:19:31: @dekunda (Also, you might like this MST3K look at the opening intro: http://bit.ly/95eHiZ)
  • 04:38:10: @dekunda Let me guess: unskipable? It should be noted that the PS1 game came with NO tutorial. XD
  • 04:44:10: @dekunda Remember, it was Grandia 3 that led me to coin the term "Squeenixed". :(
  • 07:11:43: Why I love hockey video games, reason #1: Getting Owen Nolan the GWG goal of the SC Finals before he retires.
  • 07:13:33: Why I love hockey video games, reason #2: Watching Paul Kariya wear the C because Crosby's hurt, and get the Cup from the Commishioner.
  • 08:24:57: I didn't like Michelle Voepel's initial take on Brittney Griner, but this one's very, very well done: http://bit.ly/92jYFG
  • 09:57:30: New UTS is up: http://bit.ly/a4RCkY A+ for information, C- for organization. Kinda jumbled on this one, and it's long.
  • 10:14:47: Going to see Quinnipiac play in a bit! Two more games until they get blown out by Kansas!
  • 10:26:15: @WhitlockJason Very bad, especially considering ESPN doesn't exactly separate the church and the state.
  • 11:39:28: @Psymin1 As long as we don't resign him. There's a one-week resigning period from the end of the draft to July 1st (FA period begins)
  • 17:13:45: @JVB On the other hand, it's Game Informer, sponsored by Gamestop. Take that with enough salt to rid the world of slugs.
  • 17:14:32: Quinnipiac Men's Basketball is officially one win away from being destroyed by Kansas! :D
  • 17:15:28: @BigSamTweets On the other hand, this is accusation #2. I'm seeing smoke.
  • 17:16:00: @youhosers LInky?
  • 17:16:45: @BigSamTweets Good hunt! Raiden IV I assume was very affordable? How was RD, price-wise?
  • 17:18:03: Wind blowing through your long hair is liberating until you see the results in the mirror. I look like I fucked a wall socket.
  • 21:59:53: Then again, I wouldn't put it past the NCAA to put Quinnipiac and Fairfield in the Play-In Game, just because they fucking suck like that.
  • 22:00:32: Have a writing bug idea: I want to start a new franchise in NHL '10... with a random team. And write about it like a diary.
  • 22:30:18: @Samarecarm >:[!
  • 22:31:45: @Psymin1 If it's done consistently, it can. We let Chuck Platt do Diehard BaseballFAN. It crashed and burned, but we let it happen!
  • 22:32:09: @Psymin1 Though it crashed because 1) he wanted others to participate, and we couldn't, and 2) his update schedule went in the tank.
  • 22:37:01: They let those Twilight faggots into the Oscars without a ticket? And they let them ON STAGE!? What has happened to cinema!?
  • 23:13:14: @Samarecarm >:{
  • 23:18:24: @Samarecarm Please don't cry, honey... but I really don't do ponytails! I think I'm cutting it soon, even! :(
  • 23:19:15: RT @DHGFBus: And my team for the NHL Reboot GM Blog is... what the fuck. The New York Rangers? Seriously? I swear, this was random.
  • 23:25:31: @Psymin1 My Livejournal. It's experimental, so I'm not putting it on DHGF or Superbusnet.

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