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From Twitter 03-08-2010

  • 00:04:12: I don't know what just happened, but anything that makes James Cameron unhappy makes me happy.
  • 00:39:56: @DHGFAaronS I don't even know what Hurt Locker is! But it pissed of James Cameron, so yay Hurt Locker!
  • 02:20:08: The first two days of my NHL '10 GM story: http://bit.ly/9L7QFL Remember, this is my first foray into fiction.
  • 10:29:12: @hatsuyuki Now, wait a minute. I've always thought you hot. Does that make me gay? D:
  • 10:55:33: @hatsuyuki You're the one that said it, not me! :(
  • 11:14:00: @BigSamTweets Midnight launches are a marketer's wet dream. I don't do them based solely on that principle because I hate marketers.
  • 11:14:27: @BigSamTweets "No, guys. Fuck you. I'll get the game on MY terms. Not yours." Of course, I can't say that on the "official" twitter. ;)
  • 11:22:40: @BigSamTweets ... :(
  • 11:26:10: @BigSamTweets This took a lot more effort than most of my other writing, since I'm making 60% of this world up (and researching a LOT)
  • 11:30:17: @BigSamTweets Isn't that what they say about anal sex? XD
  • 13:22:22: @WhitlockJason woah, how was she identified!?
  • 14:48:53: RT @RodrigoBNO: A CA state senator with a record of voting against gay rights has now come out saying he is homosexual -- KOVR-TV
  • 15:16:39: @BigSamTweets Footyman's AI is unparalleled. And I don't use that word lightly.
  • 15:26:52: RT @WhitlockJason: Capitlism is destroying journalism. Capitalism is not Vitamin C. It's an antibiotic w/serious side effects if not tak ...
  • 16:36:32: http://bit.ly/cACNAR - Outstanding article by Dan LeBatard about where journalism has gone in '10 (thanks, @WhitlockJason)
  • 16:43:33: @jephjacques Funny you mention that. Check out what Ars had to say on that topic: http://bit.ly/9niU2F
  • 16:44:07: @jephjacques And if it helps, yours is one of the few sites that I exempt in AdBlock? ^__^
  • 17:28:24: @Psymin1 Depends. 4th tends to be for power hitters, if it's also the best hitter, more power. "Best" hitters, I usually bat them 3rd.
  • 21:25:51: RT @stephensonmc: Think Hulk Hogan can't wrestle? Check this out: http://bit.ly/9zIQ3g (I've been saying this for years! - Bus)
  • 21:26:51: @SPBowley Hey, I'd rather Syracuse than Kansas! Though they have to play better Wednesday than Sunday.
  • 21:30:23: @WhitlockJason "The most uncontrollable, unmanageable talent in the history of ESPN". Has @sportsguy33 ever heard a better compliment?
  • 21:31:03: @jim_sterling The whole game (NMH2) is one big dick move on Suda's part, isn't it?
  • 21:38:49: @burning_phoneix Oh my God. You should have seen me when I won the Champion's League. My neighbours thought I was hurt!
  • 21:45:10: @Psymin1 I'm that exciteable about big games in single player mode. Now you see why I don't play online.
  • 21:45:29: @citronmint Oolong/Wu Yi Source tea! <3
  • 21:50:53: @Psymin1 I do. It's kinda mandatory if you review games. Sadly.
  • 21:57:23: @Psymin1 Fuck that. Velma's where it's at. That curvy figure, her cute little fa-- wait, what were we talking about?
  • 22:00:01: @burning_phoneix I'm hoping for tonight, but I have to edit + write VC piece.
  • 22:03:19: @Psymin1 Let me acquire MLB 2K10 first. And you'd be surprised how poorly I do online in NHL '10. Being a former pro HURTS me in videogames.
  • 22:04:15: @burning_phoneix I AM busy, but if I've learned one thing, if you have ideas in your head, get them down ASAP or risk losing them.
  • 22:07:59: @Psymin1 No, it's superbus1929, my preferred name when just "superbus" is taken, usually by French morons.
  • 22:25:18: @jephjacques You need to call Patton Oswalt and have this made. Like, now.
  • 22:29:31: @Psymin1 My sources (my aunt writes for B/R) say he was both injured a lot, and flunked a drug test.
  • 22:35:29: @Psymin1 Bleacher Report.
  • 22:42:34: @SPBowley Quinnipiac! >:[
  • 22:46:16: @SPBowley Southern CT is still Southern CT, no? You guys should send someone to at least cover Wed.
  • 23:02:19: RT @ErikaS981: Don't take advice from miserable married friends. #relationshiprules (Rock on! Happiness shouldn't be this rare...)
  • 23:45:40: @twelveicings Jarmoe Ignila? XD!
  • 23:50:42: @twelveicings ... Wow. How can people fuck up a twelve letter name so badly. XD

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Mar. 9th, 2010 09:38 pm (UTC)
A CA state senator with a record of voting against gay rights has now come out saying he is homosexual -- KOVR-TV

why does stuff like that keep happening

and why do I keep reading these entries even though most of the stuf is about sports and video games
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