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From Twitter 03-09-2010

  • 09:52:31: @KipEsquire @dmataconis I don't see the problem. It's a matter of State's Rights. Even if the state in question is backwards.
  • 12:41:50: I just bought Tweet Defense to support @JVB of the Post Game Report podcast. I recommend other iPhone gamers do so too. He's good people.
  • 14:57:57: @thestolenfork I guess no businessmen paid him enough to follow that law.
  • 15:36:33: @Psymin1 Now you know how I feel whenever I look at Demon's Souls. XD
  • 15:44:07: There'll never be another Zeppelin... but Plant had some good solo stuff. Now and Zen might be his most underrated work.'
  • 17:42:36: @burning_phoneix The real one? There's seven rounds, but I'm unsure of the exact # of picks, mainly due to supplemental picks.
  • 17:44:48: RT @VersusNHL Should Matt Cooke be Suspended? (No! Savard's head was down, Cooke's elbow + arm were in, and there's no NHL Head Contact rule
  • 17:51:23: @WhitlockJason How long can we put the responsibility for a 34 year old man on other people?
  • 17:52:07: @Psymin1 Wrong. At point of contact, Cooke's elbow was in, and not contacting Savard's head. You saw the follow through of the hit. No elbow
  • 17:56:01: I've been lost in my own little game-journalist world... what the fuck is this now about someone tickling a naked Rahm Emanuel?
  • 17:56:51: I mean, I know this White House talks about improving gay rights, but did they really have to turn the place into a circa-1970s bathhouse?

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